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Qualify in Helen Mitas’ Expert Therapist System. Become a licensed Hypnofit Practitioner.

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Follow a proven system for growing your Hypnotherapy practice to six figures and beyond.

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face in your practice is this: while your training has equipped you to be a fabulous Hypnotherapist, I can almost guarantee it didn’t cover the skills needed to build a successful practice.

As a Hypnofit Practitioner, you’ll be trained and accredited in our Expert Therapist System, equipping you to design and deliver high value programs and attract quality clients to grow your practice.

  • Learn the essentials of niche marketing, program development & pricing in my 15 Steps to Hypnotherapy Business Success online program.
  • Join me for an exclusive Annual Retreat where I’ll teach you my Complete Expert Therapist System and share my advanced techniques for growing your practice.
  • Join me on live webinars (and get access to my archive) as part of my Mastermind Group to stay up to date on the latest techniques and get help with particular growth challenges.
  • Display your Hypnofit Practitioner Accreditation and Hypnofit Trademark on marketing materials to assure prospective clients.
  • Increase your exposure to prospective clients with a listing on the worldwide Hypnofit Practitioner Directory.
  • Attract your ideal clients in a leveraged way with a tailored digital marketing system and strategy.


Helen Mitas, Founder of Hypnofit

“While you may have the skills to change clients’ lives, without the business skills to run your practice, it’s hard to attain the success you deserve. It takes a balanced approach to not just offer great services but to find the right client base to support your efforts.

This is why I created my Hypnofit Practitioner training program and accreditation. I have found six-figure success and I want you to find it, too.”


Hear from our recent HBS graduates

  I’m now booked 4-6 weeks in advance, my revenue has increased 20% in the last 6 months and I’m projected to earn a lot more next year.   

   Thank you so much for providing the missing link for what I needed. Here’s to the journey ahead.  

  This is the structure that I have needed. As I have been floundering with no real guidance in the past.   

  I started my online journey last week and I have to say that the quality is second to none; easily some of the best- produced materials I’ve seen with an online course in some time. And believe me… I’ve seen many. MANY!   


Build a practice that helps you to help others.

The Hypnofit Practitioner program offers a wealth of educational and networking opportunities. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of running and promoting your practice effectively.

Your confidence and your success will grow as you apply a proven system and are supported by a community dedicated to helping you succeed!

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