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In this 54 page ebook, you’ll discover the 3 powerful habits that slim chicks use to stay healthy, vital and looking great. Finally shed those kilos and start living the life you deserve! So what are you waiting for?

Let’s kick some ass!

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About the Author

Helen Mitas is one of Australia’s leading mindset experts, with a thriving practice in Melbourne, Australia. As the founder of HYPNOFIT, Helen has helped thousands of people radically enhance their energy, vitality and motivation through her renowned and ground breaking Hypnofit Wellness Hypnosis Programs and “Fast Track to Fabulous” motivation workshops.

At one stage in her life Helen was depressed, overweight and completely unfulfilled. With the courage to try everything combined with her sheer will and determination, Helen began her journey.

Helen’s passion is to help you to achieve your true potential and overcome limiting beliefs, just as she has done with her own life.

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