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“I have been smoking since I was 13 years old, I am 50 now. I never thought I could stop smoking. With Helen’s help and assistance I managed to stop smoking with only two sessions.

This has changed my life, I feel healthier, happier and I am enjoying my family more by not leaving them to go and smoke outside by myself.
I just want to give the message to others members my family, friends and anyone that is is in the same situation as me; I was a heavy smoker and if I could stop I believe anyone can stop with Helen’s help.

Thank you Helen I will always be indebted to you.” *Chris P, North Balwyn Victoria (Smoking)

“Sometimes…okay most times, you need someone who can help you unlock the chain that stops you from living life to the fullest. Helen from Hypnofit helped unlock my chain for me. I had smoked for 30 years.

Now I don’t smoke, and now I feel good. I feel in control and that’s nice! Helen also takes time with her clients – she is extremely thorough, caring and professional.” *Paul E, Kew Victoria (Smoking)

“Helen was absolutely fantastic, very supportive and great experience for me. It was such a positive experience for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to quit smoking… for good!!!

Thanks heaps Helen for all your help!” *Cristy C, Ringwood Victoria (Smoking)

“Helen has transformed my life. I can confidentially make this claim as I have successfully quit smoking. After 15 years of smoking and 5 years of trying everything to quit, I have finally achieved what I thought was the impossible.

I was sceptical at first if hypnotherapy would be a success. I approached it with an open mind and left the rest to Helen and her incredible work.
Helen is genuinely a caring and compassionate person and teamed with her professionalism and expertise, I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to quit smoking.

I now feel more confident and free in other areas of life, especially in the most important one, being a new father to my precious baby girl.” *Arthur R, Wantirna Victoria (Addiction)

“Like many people I have some bad habits (smoking and sugar addiction) that I wanted to deal with but was just not able to get there on my own.
Helen suggested I give hypnosis a go, well why not??

I have not touched a chocolate bar for a week, today I walked right down the chocolate isle in the supermarket with absolutely no urge to reach out and put a couple of blocks of chocolate into the trolley. Somehow on all my other supermarket visits a half dozen blocks always manage to find their way into the trolley, into my fridge and into my mouth over the course of the week.
And as for SMOKING, not even one thought of the thing has entered my head, even when I was in the company of some smokers earlier in the week. In fact it smelt disgusting !!!!!!

Thanks Helen, I know my issues are only superficial compared to the assistance you must provide others with, keep it up, its meaningful !!!!!!!” *Marie B, Ellwood Victoria (Sugar addiction)