Mindset Dominance

Stop Self Sabotage And Break Bad Habits

If you’ve ever looked into your mirror and wondered what happened to that young lean, energetic person you once were, you’re not alone. Years of dedication to your career have made you a success. Mindset Dominance is a 90 day program designed as a blueprint for the busy executive. You can feel fit and energised in just 3 months with this health and fitness guide.

(Digital 183 pages)

Have you ever felt ashamed that your marriage ‘failed’ or despair that the marriage of someone you care

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We have all felt that emotion of hurt, where we feel ‘let down’ by someone that we care

In our society, we are so used to avoiding ‘feeling’ as we avoid anything that feels ‘uncomfortable’. In

We are living in times where anything can change at any moment. Whilst I was up at the

Do some people get on your nerves? They say something and you feel an uncomfortable reaction in your

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