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We’ve helped thousands of clients, just like you, to overcome their patterns of self sabotage and take their first steps towards a happier, healthier future.*

Put a stop to your unconscious patterns of self-sabotage, and make positive, permanent steps toward a new you. Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss your challenges and develop a customised hypnotherapy weight loss program to suit your goals.

“I came across Helen one day through a client of mine, who said her friend had quit smoking successfully thanks to her. I had been interested to get hypnotherapy to lose weight for some but had no idea where to start looking.

After my first few sessions with Helen I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, after completing most of my time line therapy and the Virtual Gastric Band series, I have now lost 7kg in 10 weeks. My motivation and ability to actually commit to the plans and goals I set for myself is astonishing. I’m finally able to live my best life. Knowing that everything is ok, through life’s normal ups and downs I will remain strong and be able to maintain my weightloss permanently. That’s probably my biggest relief now.

Big thanks to Helen for getting me back in there to finish what I started, I’m now in a very positive place.” *Zena, Port Melbourne Victoria (Weight loss)

“When I started the Virtual Gastric Band sessions I believed that this would finally be the way I would lose weight. As time passed I felt the benefits…my goals became clearer and my resolve stronger. Helen was always supportive and it was her motivation that made me want to continue with the program. I would recommend her to anyone.” *Judy S, Watsonia Victoria (Weight loss)
“Helen is fantastic, she has helped me loose the weight I never thought I was going to, so I will be confident in hitting the beach this summer…she is very kind and caring and takes time to discuss all the surrounding issues as well to make sure everything is resolved….

Thanks again Helen.” *Lindsay A, Box Hill Victoria (Weight loss)

“Helen was the driving force in helping me lose weight. Helen’s motivational skills, caring and nurturing nature, inspiration allowed me to see what the future would look like for me.” *Ashraf, Greenvale Victoria (Weight loss)
“I contacted Helen after she was recommended to me by a friend. I was a Yo-Yo dieter…food controlled my life…after a 4 week program my life was completely changed. The Virtual Gastric Band system worked really well.

I am a much calmer, energetic and happier person. I am sleeping better…everything has changed for me…Thanks Helen!!” *Mary P, Balwyn (Weight loss)

“Like many people I have some bad habits (smoking and sugar addiction) that I wanted to deal with but was just not able to get there on my own.
Helen suggested I give hypnosis a go, well why not??

I have not touched a chocolate bar for a week, today I walked right down the chocolate isle in the supermarket with absolutely no urge to reach out and put a couple of blocks of chocolate into the trolley. Somehow on all my other supermarket visits a half dozen blocks always manage to find their way into the trolley, into my fridge and into my mouth over the course of the week.
And as for SMOKING, not even one thought of the thing has entered my head, even when I was in the company of some smokers earlier in the week. In fact it smelt disgusting !!!!!!

Thanks Helen, I know my issues are only superficial compared to the assistance you must provide others with, keep it up, its meaningful !!!!!!!” *Marie B, Ellwood Victoria (Sugar addiction)

“I went to see Helen to deal with my binge eating issue, it had been with me for over a decade. The virtual gastric band is the best thing that has happened to me! I lost the excess weight I was carrying and it didn’t require willpower or a special diet.

Thanks Helen for helping me get rid of this issue for good. You were kind, dedicated and thorough, making sure that I walked out completely confident that I could cope without bingeing ever again. Thank you.” *Jenny M, Victoria (Virtual Gastric Band)

“It only took one week to know that, YES I can do this….NOW is the right time.” *Bonnie, Victoria (Virtual Gastric Band)
“After working from home for some time I noticed a significant weight gain. Along with my snacking and grazing mentality, portion control was my downfall. I needed to lose about 10 kg and was not getting anywhere trying to do it myself. I had also taken out a gym membership and wasted the first two months of it.

I would never have considered surgery for gastric banding but when I heard about Virtual Gastric Banding involving hypnotherapy I went to see Helen. Now my portions are much smaller, I do not snack and I do not feel deprived. In the first two weeks I lost 3 kg and the weight is continuing to drop off. I now get to the gym for a one hour workout 3 times a week and walk between 2-5 kms every day.

I feel fantastic about my weight loss and the relaxation through hypnosis has also decreased my stress levels. Virtual Gastric Banding is a win/ win situation. Thank you so much Helen.” *Lynne B, Mont Albert (Virtual Gastric Band)