Lose the weight and keep it off

Imagine being able to reach your healthy goal weight and stay there permanently. Imagine feeling confident, positive, energetic and healthier, every day.  Imagine trying clothes on and feeling good about it.  Welcome to weight loss without the struggle.

With Virtual Gastric Band, you can lose weight and keep it off.

What is Virtual Gastric Band?

Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique that uses the power of hypnosis to train your mind and body to accept less food.

Virtual Gastric Band is extremely effective, even if you only have a few kilos to lose. Your subconscious knows the sustenance you need to reach & maintain weight within a healthy weight range, so it doesn’t matter whether you have 3 or 30 kilos to lose.  *

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Unlike the Gastric Band surgical procedure, Virtual Gastric Band carries no risk and no on-going medical treatment.  At Hypnofit, your hypnotherapy can be done quickly and privately and without the need to wait on hospital waiting lists, or pay exorbitant fees.

Hypnotherapy is so effective because it targets the source of your unhealthy eating habits.


Instead of asking yourself why you aren’t the weight that you’d like to be ideally, you should be asking yourself how you can change and become one of those people who has no trouble with eating proper portions and exercising regularly. With more and more people struggling with weight loss, it is one of the top issues for new clients that come to Hypnofit. This should come as no surprise given that the number of overweight people in Australia has skyrocketed in recent years.

While some people opt for invasive surgical procedures or crash diets in order to attempt to manage their weight, there are other options available. If you’d like to give hypnotherapy weight loss a try, The Virtual Gastric Band may be able to help you.

What Is The Virtual Gastric Band?

The Virtual Gastric Band is a hypnosis for weight loss process which is designed to retrain the mind so that you feel satiated after eating much smaller food portions than you would otherwise normally eat. It works by changing the way that you think about food with the end result being the weight loss that you’ve always wanted.

The best part is that The Virtual Gastric Band can provide the benefits of weight loss surgery, but without the risk of an invasive operation or the costs of maintaining your health following a major operation. There are no long hospital recovery times and no ongoing medical treatment that you need to see a doctor for.

Who Is The Virtual Gastric Band for?

The Virtual Gastric Band is designed to provide a safe weight loss option for people who want to lose weight, but who either don’t want to undergo surgery or don’t qualify for surgery. This type of hypnotherapy for weight loss is very safe, has no side effects, doesn’t involve the use of any drugs, won’t cause you pain, and you won’t need to take off days from work in order to recover from it.

What Is Involved?

The process delivers results in 7 steps:

1. Uncovering your biggest needs and challenges. We determine what are your biggest triggers and subconscious patterns that are making it difficult for you to lose weight.

2. Create a compelling target. We define a specific weight loss target that you are subconsciously drawn to.

3. Rewire your existing programming about eating and weight loss. We resolve the anxiety, negative self talk and destructive thought patterns that keep you from your target weight goal.

4. Apply the virtual gastric band. With deep trance hypnosis, we train your mind to want to eat less food.

5. Stop mindless eating. We resolve the problems that tempt you to eat when you aren’t even hungry.

6. Make the changes permanent. We help you to make the connections between your actions and the consequences so that you can focus and stay away from repeating old patterns.

7. Make better life event decisions. We help you come up with a plan for action during the times that are most likely to throw you off track.

Helen Mitas and her team of specialist Hypnotherapists (Lisa Diwell & Monika Polemicos) provide a solution and not a ‘band-aid’ approach to helping you through your issues. Providing you with a solution to the cause of your Emotional Eating. This is eliminated before other symptoms are addressed using Deep Trance Hypnosis.

We offer you complimentary strategy session so that you can overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

You can contact us on 1300 797 622 or send an email to info@hypnofit.com.au to arrange a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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Change in 7 simple but powerful steps


We uncover the triggers and subconscious patterns that are causing your challenges.


We uncover, resolve & integrate the parts of you that engage in mindless eating.


We create a compelling future target that you are subconsciously drawn to.


We connect your choices to consequences so you stay focused & avoid old patterns.


We eliminate your negative self talk and destructive thought patterns.


We prepare you to make good decisions at the times most likely to derail you.


With deep trance hypnosis, we train your mind to want less food.


Decide if weight loss via Virtual Gastric Band is for you.  Come and see us in person, or chat to us via Skype or phone and let us take you through a 30 minute consultation.  

Tell us what you’d like to achieve and we’ll explain how hypnotherapy works and discuss a tailored plan to help you.

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