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Relieving anxiety & depression in the long-term requires getting to the source of the problem. Merely treating the symptoms with medication does not solve the reason you are feeling that way.

Studies show that the average success rate for hypnotherapy was 93% after an average of 6 sessions compared to a 38% success rate after an average of 600 sessions of psychoanalysis.

Hear about AFL star Maverick Weller’s experience and read some of our client success stories.

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental conditions in the world. You may get an anxiety attack even if you don’t have an anxiety disorder because anxiety is a normal reaction that is part of the fight-or-flight response you experience when you feel pressured or stressed.

The Power of Using Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety only becomes problematic when you have a disorder that might result in constant tense, worried or on-edge feelings. Anxiety disorders can affect your life, relationships, and can make you feel fearful on a daily basis. The condition can also result in sudden panic attacks, heart-racing feelings and can make you feel short of breath.

It is incredibly important to get help for anxiety because the fear and stress involved in this condition can affect your quality of life and frequent attacks can be a nightmare.

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Hypnosis isn’t all about looking into someone’s eyes or tracking the swaying motion of a watch and then falling into a deep sleep, or zombie-like state. During a hypnosis session at Hypnofit in Melbourne, the mind is placed into a relaxed and focused state, it’s similar to a trance, or daydream, and so the mind is in a particularly heightened state, which makes it that bit more receptive to messages and suggestions.

Hypnosis for anxiety is used to reprogram the subconscious mind so that the negative associations it has learned and has been ingrained over time can be removed and replaced with much healthier, positive messages.

However, it’s not just hypnosis that achieves this. The overall process is called hypnotherapy and is practised by certified consultants at Hypnofit’s clinic in Melbourne. To date, thousands of clients have been treated for everything from weight loss issues, depression and smoking addiction as well as those who suffer from anxiety.

What does hypnosis for anxiety looks like?

Central to the process is the idea that our conscious minds control our daily thoughts in terms of where we go and what we do, dealing with logic and getting us around in other words. However, it is in the subconscious mind that our responses to situations, feelings and emotions are stored.

The subconscious has no time for logic, which means that even though those who suffer anxiety might understand that their fears are just manifestations of the mind, they cannot change the way they feel in relation to specific triggers and continue to repeat their behaviour patterns. The solution to breaking these patterns of behaviour is in a re-programming of the subconscious and removing the old, negative associations with positives.

What can hypnosis do for your anxiety?

Anxiety rears its ugly head when we expect something bad or unpleasant is about to happen, and so may be seen as part of the fight or flight mechanism. However, what’s worth remembering is that while there is an expectation of something about to go wrong, this is usually a perception of danger or threat, as opposed to any real threat existing.

Through hypnotherapy, a person can learn to control those reactions to external triggers that typically prove stressful. It is possible to identify and replace negative associations with positive messages that will enable you to relax and be at ease even in situations where that would have proven challenging to endure in the past. Overcoming anxiety can open up any number of possibilities once it has been defeated and life can suddenly seem much richer and enjoyable.

Anxiety disorders affect approximately fourteen per cent (14%) of the Australian population and unfortunately, the use of prescription medication to treat disorders of this nature are constantly increasing, even though they only treat the symptom and so the actual underlying issues are never resolved.

How is Hypnofit’s hypnosis for anxiety going to help me?

Hypnofit’s seven-step program is designed to address the root cause of anxiety and give their clients the power to move forward with their lives in control of their mind, and confident in any social setting. The process requires no medication and an initial strategy consultation is available to all, which lasts approximately thirty-minutes and is completely free.

If you’re serious about putting anxiety in the past and investing in both your physical and mental wellbeing then give us a call or send an email. Choosing hypnosis for anxiety could be the best decision you ever made and at Hypnofit we’re committed to making that possibility a reality!

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Certified hypnotherapists use hypnosis today to treat everything from cigarette addiction to depression to weight loss. In order for it to work, a trance is induced in the patient, which is a state of mental and physical calm. In this state the patient’s conscious mind, which deals with logic and actively thinks about what he or she says and does from one minute to the next, becomes relaxed.

However, the subconscious mind, which stores our beliefs, emotions and feelings, is much more open to suggestion in this state. As such, hypnotherapy for anxiety is the process by which negative associations to external triggers that bring about anxious feelings are altered so that they no longer bring about a negative reaction. Therefore the goal is to change the way the subconscious mind thinks.

Anxiety is a stress response and so the process of hypnotherapy seeks to turn off these stress responses. 14% of Australians are affected by an anxiety disorder every year and the use of antidepressants has tripled in the last decade.

But where traditional medication addresses the condition it does not deal with the subconscious root cause that has brought about feelings of anxiety. Treating the symptom does nothing to solve why you feel anxious. What is most important is to identify the underlying emotions that feed the anxiety.

Our consultants bring each client through a seven-step process, which enables you to address those subconscious blocks specific to you that bring about feelings of anxiety in your daily life.

The process is a natural, safe and positive way free from medication and our goal is to realign your conscious and subconscious minds so that they exist harmoniously so that you can move forward with your life, empowered and in control.

At Hypnofit we offer a free thirty-minute strategy session to all new clients to begin the process by learning about you, what your goals are and let you know how we can help you achieve them.

Seven Steps to a Stress-Free Life

We have developed seven simple but powerful steps to help those who suffer from anxiety to help them overcome their limiting condition.

  1. Step one involves identifying subconscious patterns.
  2. Step two begins the process of changing neural pathways to a positive state.
  3. Step three is where we eliminate negative emotions.
  4. Step four is where anxiety is eliminated to prevent panic attacks from reoccurring.
  5. Step five sees long-held negative beliefs eradicated.
  6. Step six is where we activate empowering beliefs.
  7. Step seven involves deep trance hypnosis and at this point, changes are embedded in the subconscious.

Hypnotherapy treatment has a success rate estimated at ninety-three per cent (93%). While this covers all kinds of conditions both physical and psychological at Hypnofit the results speak for themselves, with thousands of our clients now leading lives free from issues that held them back for so long.

We can help you unearth and eradicate those negative associations in your sub-consciousness that are the root causes of your daily struggles, and help you defeat them once and for all. Hypnotherapy for anxiety can work for you; all it requires is the desire to live a better life and the commitment to make it a reality.

Hypnofit is Melbourne’s best hypnotherapy clinic helping patients with hypnosis. Our clinic is able to help patients who are looking to quit smoking, looking for weight loss, dealing with depression and struggling with anxiety. If you are interested in becoming a Hypnofit practictioner we would love to help you with that too. Browse our website to see our success stories or call us to learn what we can do for you.

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Anxiety disorders affect around 14% of the Australian adult population every year, and depression affects around 6%*

The use of antidepressants has tripled in the last decade and spending on antidepressants has soared by 130%.

Antidepressants don’t work in the long term, and have significant side effects according to The New England Journal of Medicine. Most patients taking antidepressants either don’t respond or only have a partial response.

I will work with you and your Medical Practitioner to treat both the cause and symptoms of your depression with no medication and with no side effects.

A compelling future free of medication is yours in just 6 sessions.*

If you’re like some people, you are probably struggling with some emotional challenges or feelings that get in your way of achieving what you want from life. You sense that there is some problem, but you aren’t exactly sure what it is. Year after year, it keeps you from living your best life and even causes your well-intentioned efforts to fail. Every time things don’t work out as you planned them, you find yourself falling further and further behind.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your friends to become a better you. You should never give up hope even if you have tried hypnotherapy for anxiety or depression in the past.

Stop Anxiety and Worry With Hypnotherapy

Anxiety and panic attacks result from the inappropriate stimulation of the stress response pathways of the nervous system. To counter these pathways, anxiety hypnotherapy works by inducing a state of deep relaxation in order to turn off the stress responses.

During hypnotherapy, an increased level of suggestibility allows clinical hypnotherapists to use suggestion to provoke patients to feel more empowered and in control during situations that would otherwise cause the patient anxiety under normal circumstances.

Hypnofit founder, Helen Mitas provides ground-breaking Hypnofit ‘Take Control’ Hypnosis Programs that are designed to provide customised anxiety and depression hypnosis sessions at our hypnotherapy clinic to meet your specific needs.

Positive Imagery

For the purposes of treating depression through hypnotherapy, clinical hypnotherapists make use of positive imagery. Given that humans have the ability to create mental images thousands of times per day, hypnotherapists take advantage of this by getting patients to imaging things that can help them to release stress, become more relaxed and allow them to address the fact that negative imagery is a persistent part of the depressed person’s thinking patterns.

How to Improve Your Life With Hynpotherapy

Although there is much more involved in hypnotherapy, that basic fact is that the goal of hypnotherapy is to help you change your mindset, which will ultimately allow you to change your outlook on life for the better. What you need is the right person to guide you through your transformation so that things are no longer so overwhelming.

At Hypnofit, we are here to help you. With our genuine caring and comfortable approach to depression hypnosis, we can help you go deeper into your sub-consciousness so that you can start to attack the root causes of your issues and gain the courage to defeat them once and for all. Hypnofit can provide hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression tailored to your specific needs.

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We eliminate anxiety in all circumstances and stop the cycle of panic attacks.

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