Mindset Dominance

Stop Self Sabotage And Break Bad Habits

If you’ve ever looked into your mirror and wondered what happened to that young lean, energetic person you once were, you’re not alone. Years of dedication to your career have made you a success. Mindset Dominance is a 90 day program designed as a blueprint for the busy executive. You can feel fit and energised in just 3 months with this health and fitness guide.

(Digital 183 pages)

People are telling me that I look like I am a lot more peaceful lately than ever before.

It’s been one year since my beloved father has passed into the non-physical realm. The process of grief

There’s an energy that binds us to other people that may not be for our highest good. For

When you hear ‘ego’ what do you think? When Alexandra Callner signed up to do the ‘Drop The

There’s been a lot of press recently about the Will Smith – Chris Rock incident. The general talk

We have been taught that “It’s OK. Think positive!” Whilst it’s helpful to recognise that there is always

Are you in your head all the time? Do you over analyse everything & anything? Is really not

Are you creating vision boards and doing everything you know to manifest your desires but your reality is

There’s a lot going on in the planet. A lot! Some get caught up in the devastation and

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