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Change is hard when your subconscious is holding you back

Have you tried again and again, only to fail and fall back into old habits?  You’re not alone.  80% of our behaviour is triggered by our subconscious mind.  It works like a computer that calls up behaviours based on what’s worked for us in the past.  And like outdated software, old subconscious programs can get in the way and stop us from getting what we want.

We call this self-sabotage.

Helen Mitas, International Award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist and Founder of Hypnofit


If you’ve never experienced Hypnotherapy before, you may be wondering what to expect. Click below to watch a real hypnotherapy session delivered by award-winning therapist, Helen Mitas.


Professional Hypnotherapist & Hypnotherapy  Services in Melbourne

The popular view of hypnosis usually comes from stage shows where people are put in a trance and are then made to do silly things without their knowledge or control.

Real-life hypnosis is nothing like that and has the much more practical purpose of helping people improve their lives.

How Our Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic Can Help You Improve Your Life

The aim of hypnotherapy is to change people’s habits and attitudes in order to treat specific conditions or alleviate certain problems. This can help you achieve particular aims, such as losing weight, stopping smoking, reducing anxiety, depression or treating other conditions.

Talk to us about your concerns and we’ll tell you how our Melbourne hypnotherapy service can help.

Although many people like to think they act in a completely logical manner, many of their actions are governed by their subconscious.

This often causes you to do things that aren’t logical — eating too much food you know isn’t good for you, smoking and drinking to excess, taking actions you wouldn’t do if you really thought about it sensibly.

That’s a result of habits and attitudes you’ve picked up over the course of your life and which have become ingrained in your subconscious.

The aim of undergoing hypnosis in Melbourne is to get rid of some of the bad habits and attitudes from your subconscious and replace them with ones that you’d prefer.

Stress is part of our daily lives; there are no two ways about it. Each person experiences the world in different ways and how the environment we live in affects us resonates deep within our subconscious.

Where negative emotions are left unresolved, these often manifest as recurrent habits or ticks and where left to fester can grow into more complex problems. Fortunately for those in and around Melbourne, effective hypnotherapy treatments are available at Hypnofit.

Hypnotherapy uses the mind’s natural abilities to alleviate stress, remove emotional burdens and achieve personal goals specific to each client. It is safe, effective and most importantly addresses the root cause of the physical or psychological issue, or stressor, and reprograms the mind to move forward and deal with it in a positive, life-affirming way.

The process of hypnotherapy involves one of Hypnofit’s specialist consultants inducing a trance-like state, similar to daydreaming, via the process of hypnosis, and then, once the conscious mind has been switched off the consultant will begin the process of identifying the origin of the problem behaviour.

Once a clear sense of the underlying issue has been determined our consultants begin the process of eliminating these negative emotions by sharing seven simple steps with the client.

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

Popular culture suggests that those under hypnosis are susceptible to coercion and may be prompted to do things they would not otherwise do. However, rest assured that at Hypnofit all of our clients are awake and aware of their surroundings throughout the duration of their treatment. Our objective is to help those in need to overcome psychological barriers, or blocks within their subconscious so that they can move on and live their lives to the fullest of its potential.

Experts agree that many psychological and emotional factors buried within the subconscious are the cause of physical and psychological manifestations that become stressors in our daily lives once we become aware of them. Everything from over-eating, smoking, nail biting, depression, anxiety and phobias stem from an emotional experience, which had a negative connotation.

Hypnotherapy seeks to resolve problems that may often appear to be part of your makeup, but feel outside of your control. The benefits of freeing oneself of something that consumes so much of our daily thoughts and actions can be a revelation and in most cases can change a persons ability to perform at their work or even engage socially with the world around them.

If you are someone who has either publicly or privately been living with a physical or psychological stressor that you believe is holding you back, or, if you are someone who has tried medication and other forms of self-help but failed to see results, then hypnotherapy may be the right fit and the solution you have been seeking.

If I Want Hypnotherapy In Melbourne, Where Can I Go?

Hypnofit seeks to offer the best, most relaxing and natural hypnotherapy to Melbourne residents who need it. We are so committed and confident in our service and its positive impact that we offer a complimentary thirty-minute strategy session up-front. So, don’t be a slave to your personal stressors. A better, fuller life is out there waiting for you, and we are here to take your call when you are ready to live it.

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Welcome to Hypnofit where our team of leading hypnotherapists have helped thousands of people overcome their biggest life challenges and as a consequence made us the best hypnotherapist in Melbourne.

Sometimes things can happen that seem to make you lose control of your life. You appear to be unable to influence events that directly affect you and seem to be constantly struggling unsuccessfully to make things better.

The events that cause this can be many and varied — the death or ill-health of a loved one, the loss of a job or problems at work, difficulties in your social life, money problems or many other things. But the result is the same: sadness or worry that can hit you hard and make it difficult to motivate yourself to do what you know you should do.

Such events can cause tremendous stress and anxiety, often pushing you into a cycle of depression that you can’t break. This often leads to an increase in smoking or drinking to help alleviate your mood although it generally has the opposite effect. You may also comfort eat the wrong types of food and gain weight as a result.

Most of this is harmful to your mental and physical health and something more positive needs to be done. Often, a course of hypnotherapy is the solution because it can help you take a better view of life and regain control of what’s happening.

What Hypnotherapy is and How It Can Help

Hypnotherapy is simply guided hypnosis, which involves the patient being put into a trance-like state. In this state, you’ll be fully aware of what’s happening and will be completely in control of your actions, so there’s no danger of doing anything you don’t want to do. But you will be more receptive to positive suggestions and will be much more likely to take actions that will improve your life.

We can provide hypnotherapy for weight loss, to help you stop smoking, to improve your mood or for many other reasons and will generally help you feel better and much more positive about life. Rather than being a spectator, where you’re watching your life pass you by without being able to do much about it, you’ll be fully in control and able to take positive steps to improve your mental and physical health.

When you undergo hypnosis for weight loss or for any other reason, you’ll be completely absorbed in the process and will be able to concentrate fully on putting right what’s wrong. If you’re not happy or comfortable with what’s going on, you’ll be able to pull out at any time. However, this hardly ever happens because people are given a feeling of empowerment by hypnosis and know that, with our help, they’ll be able to make real changes to their lives that will be beneficial in the long-term.

Hypnosis can help you overcome traumatic memories and improve your motivation. If it’s hypnosis for weight loss, for example, you’ll be able to stick to your diet and be more likely to undertake a regular exercise routine and in general will be better motivated to succeed on your aim. The doubts and anxieties will be banished and will be replaced by a forward-looking attitude, a willingness to do what’s necessary to succeed in whatever you want to do.

A Process that’s Right for You

Whether you undergo hypnotherapy for weight or for any other reason, we’ll go through a process that will ensure we succeed in the end. The length of this process will depend on the complexity and severity of your problem but will be as short as we can make it to be effective but as long as it needs to be. We don’t cut corners but nor do we drag out the process unnecessarily.

We’ll start with an initial consultation where we’ll go through what will happen at future sessions in order to put your mind at rest. More importantly, we’ll spend some time discussing your problems and aims so we can discover what you want to achieve and how we’re going to succeed in doing that. This first hypnotherapy session will prepare you for later ones and alter your perspective, so you’re fully ready for later advancement.

All future sessions will comprise positive therapy and a period of hypnosis where you’re put into a trance-like state. During this time, you’ll be relaxed, aware of what’s happening and receptive to suggestions. The aim of each session will be to move you further towards your goal, whatever it may be. Whatever the purpose of the hypnotherapyweight loss, reduced anxiety or anything else — we’ll ensure you achieve your aims as quickly as possible.

With the style of hypnotherapy that we use, you’ll no longer be alone in your battle to beat depression, to stop smoking or for any other problems you may have. We believe in a truly collaborative approach where we work as a team to achieve whatever it is you want. By tackling the problem together, we’ve a much greater chance of overcoming it.

Clearing the Way for Positive Results

Despite what you might think, everyone has the ability and the will-power to succeed in most things they want to achieve. It’s just that there are sometimes things in your mind that prevent that happening. Our aim, therefore, is to remove those obstructions, make a positive change to the way you think and so clear the way for you to achieve what you want.

With our help, you’ll be able to set goals and then achieve them rather than failing as in the past. And those goals will be realistic so that, if you undergo hypnotherapy for weight loss, you’ll be able to set a target number of pounds to lose each week and have the satisfaction of doing it.

Success will bring increased confidence and further increase the chance of future success. It’s all about making advances towards your goal, whether small steps or large ones. We can set the pace that’s right for you so you can achieve your goals quickly or steadily. Either way, with our help, you will get there, and your life will benefit as a result.

How Hypnotherapy Works

Hypnofit uses hypnotherapy to address and remove blocks on a subconscious level that have led to persistent and often mounting problems such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, and even bad habits such as over-eating, drinking and smoking.

Our goal is not to tell you what you already know is wrong but instead is focused on helping you to feel differently so that positive change can happen in an easy and effortless way.

Typically where clients experience some psychological stressor or adopt a physical compulsion, they turn to medicine in the first instance. While this may work in the short-term, medication can often prove to serve only as a Band-Aid for the true symptom or root cause of the issue, and where unchecked can lead to unnecessary over-prescription when it is entirely possible to overcome the affliction in a much more natural way.

If you are someone who struggles with weight loss, have tried all of the diets and are tired of constantly over-indulging then you’ve come to the right place. Diets do not work for the majority of people and willpower for the average person will not last for more than two weeks.

How Our Hypnotherapists In Melbourne Can Help

Hypnofit’s solution to over-eating is to first unearth the reason for this behaviour at a subconscious level and then re-program the subconscious mind with empowering beliefs and habits reinforced by powerful hypnotic suggestions.

For those who struggle with anxiety or depression who perhaps feel that they have no say in what happens in their life or that they have lost control or are feeling hopeless, we are determined to empower and enable you to regain control of your life and move forward in a positive way.

If you are tired of spending money on cigarettes or are simply concerned about the potential damage they are doing to your body, then it’s time to turn to hypnotherapy. Using hypnosis makes it ten times more likely that you will stop for good and all it takes is two sessions. At Hypnofit we are so confident that our service can stop your smoking addiction that we offer a lifetime guarantee and the promise of free follow-up sessions where our initial consultations are unsuccessful.

People experience stress in many different ways, and the triggers that prompt behavioural or psychological change will not be the same for all. As such, hypnotherapy is not necessarily exclusive to major physical or psychological issues only, but is an effective solution to a raft of issues, big and small, and has worked for thousands of our clients who followed the seven simple steps our leading, Melbourne based, hypnotherapists shared with them.

Why is hypnosis necessary?

When you see the word hypnotherapy, what is the first thing you think of? The majority of people will conjure the image of a watch dangling from a chain before a person’s eyes as they fall into a deep sleep. They are of course thinking of hypnosis, in which a state of relaxation and heightened awareness, similar to daydreaming, is brought about through suggestion.

However, hypnotherapy is the process of inducing hypnosis as a means to access a person’s subconscious and then, while they are in a focused state, triggering their psychological and physiological healing processes to affect positive change. While much more sensitive to suggestion in this state, patients are fully aware of their surroundings and conscious, and therefore cannot be coerced to do anything against their will.

The simple answer is that the conscious mind is highly distractible and so, in order to access the subconscious, the conscious mind must first be bypassed. Once this has been achieved our hypnotherapists seek out the root cause through a process of analysis and methodically go through the process of eliminating negative emotions and beliefs, which have most likely been allowed to grow over time and have manifested themselves in the affliction that has presented for treatment.

Each instance a person experiences the same emotion it continues to build and so in time the conscious mind is unable to move forward unless that issue is addressed and the block is removed.

While under hypnosis suggestions are made to the subconscious mind in order to deal with the particular affliction and re-program it to deal with those specific feelings and emotions in a different manner.

Hypnotherapy is not a cure, but instead can be seen as a means of overcoming psychological blocks and moving forward in a safe and natural way. Many people will recognise the value the Hypnofit team offers but will do nothing and languish in their old patterns of behaviour, while those who take action will ultimately change their lives for the better.

If you are among the latter we urge you to seek out Hypnofit, the best hypnotherapist Melbourne has to offer and avail of a complementary strategy session; the first step toward a new, happier you!

Melbourne’s Premier Hypnotherapy Clinic

Our Melbourne hypnotherapy clinic is home to some of Australia’s leading consultants in the field of hypnotherapy. But what is hypnotherapy, and why is it relevant to you?

Hypnotherapy is a naturally occurring state of mind that can bring you into a safe, focused state of attention where the conscious and subconscious mind can work together to bring about positive change to both short and long-term physical and psychological issues.

Maybe you don’t believe in hypnosis, but the reality is that it is something that everybody experiences as part of his or her normal day. For example, have you ever found yourself lost in a book, or a movie, or listening to a podcast, so much so that the time slips by without you even noticing until it ends?

Everybody has, and so the process of hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that allows our conscious minds to rest, during which time our focus is and awareness are heightened, which opens the subconscious up to suggestion.

While many people doubt that they could be hypnotized, a study carried out at Stanford University showed that anybody who can follow instructions could be. Intelligence has no bearing on hypnosis; however, evidence suggests that those with higher intelligence and a higher aptitude for creativity are typically more responsive to the process.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy uses the focused state brought about through hypnosis to analyze the subconscious in order to identify the emotional cause at the root of all kinds of issues; everything from obsessive-compulsive disorder to anxiety to bad habits such as smoking and over-eating. Once the cause of the specific problem has been identified the solution begins, which entails re-programming the mind to approach and deal with these issues in a positively reinforcing manner.

Our leading consultants will instruct you in the seven steps we use to address the subconscious blocks that create stress in our daily lives at our hypnotherapy clinic in Melbourne. What’s more, for those who may be uncomfortable with the idea of relinquishing control of their mind over to anybody else, rest assured that at all times during your hypnotherapy sessions you are in control, awake and fully aware of your surroundings.

The end goal for hypnotherapy is to realign our conscious and subconscious minds so that they can exist harmoniously and enable a person to experience the world free from conditioned responses and learned behaviours that only serve our doubts, fears and anxieties.

The results achieved from hypnotherapy are arrived at in a natural, positive way free from traditional prescription medication and therefore focused on addressing and releasing the emotional block that has brought about the issue as it has manifested.

Where Can I Find The Premier Hypnotherapy Clinic In Melbourne?

So, if you live near Melbourne and are curious as to whether hypnotherapy is something that might be right for you, Hypnofit offers a free thirty-minute strategy consultation to all potential clients. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so pick up the phone, send us an email and take the first step toward a more fulfilling life.

Hypnofit is Melbourne’s best hypnotherapy clinic helping patients with hypnosis. Our clinic is able to help patients who are looking to quit smoking, looking for weight loss, dealing with depression and struggling with anxiety. If you are interested in becoming a Hypnofit practictioner we would love to help you with that too. Browse our website to see our success stories or call us to learn what we can do for you.

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At Hypnofit, we’ve helped thousands of people make lasting change

And we’re sure we can help you too.

Individual Results May Vary.

Are you struggling with anxiety and depression, losing weight or quitting smoking? Helen Mitas, a clinical hypnotherapist and the founder of Hypnofit, has a wealth of experience in using hypnotherapy Melbourne with clients to help people resolve some of their deepest and most persistent issues. She is passionate about helping people to attain their goals and making the changes that they wish for in life.

Weight Loss

Imagine being able to choose healthy food options without thinking about it and without the cravings that cause you to pile on the junk food. At Hypnofit, we offer The Virtual Gastric Band, which is a life-altering Melbourne hypnotherapy that will allow you to stop packing on the pounds and achieve the target weight that you’ve always dreamed of. With this procedure only being available in an approved Melbourne hypnotherapy clinic, like Hypnofit, you can experience the program that has already been successful for thousands of people.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is something that many people struggle with. More people are turning to clinical hypnotherapy Melbourne in order to find a solution that is designed to turn them into permanent non-smokers. With the outcome of smoking always being severe health problems or death, it is in your best interest to start making the change to stop smoking now.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are some areas that respond best hypnotherapist in Melbourne because of the fact that the hypnotherapy is focused on helping clients to get to the root causes of their issues rather than simply dealing with end results of anxiety and depression.

When clients look for the best hypnotherapist Melbourne, Mitas is one of the few hypnotherapists in the area who has a proven track record of long term success. In addition, given the fact that anxiety and depression often robs people of their long term happiness, it is an issue that must be dealt with swiftly and with care and compassion.

Hypnotherapy also has the added benefit of being able to permanently alter your mindset about life so that you won’t want to return to old destructive thinking that got you to where you were in the first place. At Hypnofit, we are focused on delivering long-term success for our clients so that they can enjoy a better quality of life and more time focused on the things that they want to achieve from life, rather than negative things.

No matter what your concerns are, every hypnotherapy plan at Hypnofit involves tailoring the program to deal with your specific issues. With a unique program built to address your needs, you can set a timeline for achieving your goals and ensure that they are specifically what you want to achieve.

Contact Us to Schedule a Free Consultation.

You can contact us on 1300 797 622 or send an email to info@hypnofit.com.au to arrange a complimentary 30 minute consultation. We’ll discuss your challenges and develop a hypnosis Melbourne program to help you achieve your future goals.

Weight Loss

Imagine choosing healthy options without really thinking about it, and without craving your old foods. With Virtual Gastric Band, you can lose that weight and keep it off.

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Anxiety & Depression

Overcome your challenges without the drugs, the sense of hopelessness and the constant struggle. Feel relaxed, empowered and excited about life again.

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Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy increases the odds of quitting by 10 times.  Stack the odds in your favour and take back control of your health and your life.

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Introducing our therapists

Helen Mitas

Helen Mitas is an international award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist, a published author of the book ‘Mindset Dominance’, international speaker, Hypnotherapy business mentor and respected leader in her field around the globe.

As the Founder of Hypnofit, Helen Mitas has helped thousands of people overcome depression, anxiety and self sabotaging behaviours through her renowned and ground-breaking Hypnofit ‘Take Control’ Hypnosis Programs.

Helen is a woman on a mission to increase awareness globally of the power of Hypnotherapy to help people live the life they deserve safely & naturally without unnecessary medication.


Debra’s professional qualifications include a Psychology degree and a career of over 30 years in executive management roles in sales, marketing and general management with successful international brands.

At Hypnofit, Debra is the first contact to help make your journey through therapy a successful and positive experience. From the initial needs assessment appointment, Debra’s aim is to explain the process in a simple and clear manner so that you are fully informed enabling a smooth and comfortable transition into therapy.

Debra’s empathetic and professional approach ensures that the right program is recommended to you for long term success.

As a Hypnofit client, Debra will remain in contact with you during your therapy journey with follow up calls and support material to ensure that you achieve the best possible and successful outcome for you.

Monika Polemicos psychology & hypnotherapy specialist


Monika has always had a passion for empowering people to live their best life. For over 15 years Monika has worked as a counsellor and personal advocate to those who were experiencing a lack of self esteem, homelessness, poor mental health, experiencing domestic & family violence and justice issues.

Initially completing a degree in Psychology, Monika has added Wellness Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy to her tool kit to promote health and wellbeing with her clients and of course help them lose weight when other options have failed.

Christian Melbourne Hypnotherapy Specialist


Christian is an Australian and American trained Clinical Hypnotherapist. With an extensive background working in corrections and community mental health, Christian comes to Hypnofit with a wealth of real life experience.

Using the power of Hypnosis to transform his own life (quitting smoking and alcohol some 14 years ago) Christian is passionate about helping clients break free from their own addictions. Christian also specialises in men’s health and relationship issues.

Rest assured Christian offers a judgement free zone and creates a safe space to facilitate the life changing therapy required to be the best version of yourself.

Joanne Melbourne Hypnotherapy Specialist

Joanne Lowrie

Joanne is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has trained at the Australian Academy of Hypnosis under the expert guidance of the world famous Rick Collingwood, a Master Hypnotist and Mesmerist. Joanne has also studied under the multi award winning Hypnotist and founder of Hypnofit, Helen Mitas.

Joanne holds qualifications and many years of experience in Pathology Nursing, Nutrition, Massage and Fitness Instruction. It was with the power and knowledge of Hypnotherapy that she has found the strength to overcome the diagnosis of Panic Disorder and Fibromyalgia.

Joanne is passionate about womens’ health and wellbeing and is a firm believer in a holistic and integrative approach to life. Joanne will help you honour your true self as this is the key to a happy and fulfilled life, restoring balance in what can seem like chaos.

Joanne will help you pursue your goals – whatever they may be – better health and fitness, stronger relationships, the courage to pursue a new career path and increase self love and confidence.

Does hypnotherapy work?

Listen to Helen’s interview with RRR radio in Melbourne about the kinds of issues that hypnotherapy can help with and how the process works.

Hear Helen tell her story of how she discovered Hypnotherapy and how it inspired her to become an award winning Clinical Hypnotherapist.

How can we help?

We have extensive experience in helping clients with weight loss, anxiety, depression, smoking, addictions, performance anxiety and a host of other challenges.  Give us a call for a confidential chat.

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