Hypnofit is a leading Hypnosis Clinic in Melbourne

By inducing a heightened state of focussed attention & concentration, clinical hypnosis treatments in our Melbourne clinic can be used to treat a vast range of behaviours and thought patterns including addiction, PTSD, insomnia, low confidence, phobias, relationship issues, gambling addiction, nail biting and much more.

Whilst we specialise in clinical Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss, Smoking and Children – HypnoFit’s Melbourne Hypnotherapists have a wealth of experience assisting clients facing a broad spectrum of challenges to achieve lasting change.

Get in touch with us via our contact form below and we’ll be happy to advise if clinical hypnosis in our Melbourne clinic is a suitable treatment option for your situation.

experienced therapists

Our hypnotherapists are experienced in multiple specialties and have completed intensive HypnoFit® certification training.

Modern, inviting
clinic spaces

Our warm, inviting hypnotherapy clinic in Melbourne was designed to relax and immerse you in your treatment.

Virtual sessions

Hypnotherapy can be done perfectly via Zoom, so we can treat you in the comfort of your own home rather than having to visit our Melbourne clinic

Thousands of happy clients

The success rate of our clients is among the best in the industry and we have the testimonials to prove it.

Child Hypnosis

Help your kids understand their drivers and empower them with a toolkit to manage every challenge.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Imagine choosing healthy options without really thinking about it and without craving your old foods.

Hypnosis For Anxiety

Overcome your challenges without the drugs, the sense of hopelessness and the constant struggle.

Hypnosis For Depression

Imagine bounding out of bed each day, feeling energised and positive about what the day will bring.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

10x your odds of quitting for good and take back control of your health and your life.

Have you tried again and again, only to fail and fall back into old habits? Our Hypnotherapists can help. Scientists estimate up to 95% of our behaviour is triggered by our subconscious mind. It works like a computer that calls up behaviours based on what’s worked for us in the past. And like outdated software, old subconscious programs can get in the way and stop us from getting what we want.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Our Melbourne hypnotherapy clinic is home to some of Australia’s leading consultants in the field of clinical hypnosis. But what is hypnotherapy, and why is it relevant to you?

Hypnotherapy is a naturally occurring state of mind that can bring you into a safe, focused state of attention where the conscious and subconscious mind can work together to bring about positive change to both short and long-term physical and psychological issues.

Maybe you don’t believe in hypnosis, but the reality is that it is something that everybody experiences as part of his or her normal day. For example, have you ever found yourself lost in a book, or a movie, or listening to a podcast, so much so that the time slips by without you even noticing until it ends?

Everybody has, and so the process of hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that allows our conscious minds to rest, during which time our focus is and awareness are heightened, which opens the subconscious up to suggestion.

While many people doubt that they could be hypnotized, a study carried out at Stanford University showed that anybody who can follow instructions could be. Intelligence has no bearing on hypnosis; however, evidence suggests that those with higher intelligence and a higher aptitude for creativity are typically more responsive to the process.

Hypnosis Session

The Power Of Hypnosis

At HypnoFit, we use clinical hypnosis in our Melbourne clinic to address and remove blocks on a subconscious level that have led to persistent and often mounting problems such as phobias, anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, and even bad habits such as over-eating, drinking and smoking.

Our clinical Hypnotherapists goals’ are not to tell you what you already know is wrong but instead is focused on helping you to feel differently so that positive change can happen in an easy and effortless way.

How Our Hypnotherapists Could Help You

The aim of clinical hypnotherapy is to help you gain control over your habits, attitudes or other behaviours you’d like to change. This can help you achieve particular aims, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, reducing anxiety, depression or treating other conditions.

Talk to us about your concerns and we’ll tell you how our Melbourne clinical hypnotherapy service can help.

Although many people like to think they act in a completely logical manner, many of their actions are governed by their subconscious.

This often causes you to do things that aren’t logical — eating too much food you know isn’t good for you, smoking and drinking to excess, taking actions you wouldn’t do if you really thought about it sensibly.

That’s a result of habits and attitudes you’ve picked up over the course of your life and which have become ingrained in your subconscious.

Stress is part of our daily lives; there are no two ways about it. Each person experiences the world in different ways and how the environment we live in affects us resonates deep within our subconscious.

Where negative emotions are left unresolved, these often manifest as recurrent habits or ticks and where left to fester can grow into more complex problems. 

At Hypnofit, We've Helped Thousands Of Melbourne Locals make Lasting Change

Claim your free 30 minute strategy session with our specialists and transform your life today!

We have extensive experience in helping clients with weight loss, anxiety, depression, smoking, addictions, performance anxiety and a host of other challenges. Get in touch with our Melbourne hypnotherapists for a confidential chat.

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Meet Our Team of Melbourne Clinical Hypnotherapists

Our clinic is home to some of Australia’s leading consultants in the field of hypnotherapy.

Helen Mitas Clinical Hypnotherapist


HypnoFit® Founder

AHA Accredited Supervisor 

2018 Hypnotist of the Year – Mid-America Conference Chicago
2018 Outstanding Contribution Award – ICBCH
2020 Certified Speaking Professional – Professional Speakers Association

Weight loss, anxiety, depression

Helen is an international award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist, a published author of the book ‘Mindset Dominance’,

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international speaker, Hypnotherapy business mentor, AHA accredited supervisor and respected leader in her field around the globe.

As the Founder of HypnoFit®, Helen has helped thousands of people overcome depression, anxiety and self sabotaging behaviours through her renowned and ground-breaking Hypnofit ‘Take Control’ Hypnosis Programs.

Helen is a woman on a mission to increase awareness globally of the power of Hypnotherapy to help people live the life they deserve safely & naturally without unnecessary medication.


Debra clinic manager


Client Success Manager
Client support
Debra’s professional qualifications include a Psychology degree and a career of over 30 years in executive management roles in sales, marketing

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and general management with successful international brands.

At HypnoFit®️, Debra is the first contact to help make your journey through therapy a successful and positive experience. From the initial needs assessment appointment, Debra’s aim is to explain the process in a simple and clear manner so that you are fully informed enabling a smooth and comfortable transition into therapy.

Debra’s empathetic and professional approach ensures that the right program is recommended to you for long term success.

As a HypnoFit®️ client, Debra will remain in contact with you during your therapy journey with follow up calls and support material to ensure that you achieve the best possible and successful outcome for you.


Yvonne Clinical Hypnotherapist


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy for children, anxiety, weight loss, depression

Yvonne is a Certified HypnoFit® Therapist and SleepTalk Practitioner.

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Her greatest achievement however has always been the privilege of being a mother to her two young daughters. With the belief that developing a positive mindset during the formative years is essential, Yvonne sought out The SleepTalk Program for her own daughter. She is now a fully qualified practitioner, and through the process helps change children’s mindset and behaviours.

Yvonne also has a keen interest in the mind-body connection after witnessing her mother overcome breast cancer at 36 and now living life to the fullest with a pancreatic diagnosis 23 years later. Yvonne has an innate interest in people and their stories and believes in the efficacy of Hypnotherapy as a powerful healing modality.


Meri Clinical Hypnotherapist


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Weight Loss, anxiety, depression
Meri is a Clinical Hypnotherapist passionate about empowering individuals through a transformational journey.

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Meri personally suffered many years of depression and anxiety and found Hypnotherapy the most powerful treatment to overcome her greatest challenges. Meri herself was a client at Hypnofit over 11 yrs ago and this experience gave her the drive to become a Hypnotherapist and help individuals with their own struggles.

Meri has spent years looking after ill members of her family and has come to understand the importance of honouring herself, her mind and body in order to help her family and to be of service to others.

Meri’s special area of expertise is in Weight Release through Hypno-fasting. It’s a program she has followed and has had phenomenal success with.

Meri has struggled with food and her weight most of her life, so she personally understands the relationship between emotions, food issues and weight.

Meri helps clients permanently change patterns of behaviour through the power of Hypnotherapy to transform their lives.


Katerina Clinical Hypnotherapist


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Anxiety, trauma, self doubt
Katerina is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. Over 25 years ago, Katerina courageously walked away from an abusive relationship to navigate life as a single mother.

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Katerina struggled with anxiety, emotional trauma, self doubt and financial challenges.

Through Hypnosis, Katerina was able to heal and overcome low self worth and anxiety to truly embody self love. The outcome was a successful meaningful career and being an energetic match for a committed loving relationship for the first time in her life.

So inspired by the process and her own results, Katerina decided to train as a Hypnotherapist. Katerina is passionate about helping people transform their lives from pain, self doubt and frustration to a truly fulfilling life.


Corrine Clinical Hypnotherapist


Hypnotherapist and NLP Life Coach

Weight Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Low Self Confidence, Insomnia and Mindset Coaching

Corinne is a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Life Coach with specialities in Weight Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Low Self Confidence, Insomnia and Mindset Coaching.

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Corinne holds qualifications in Social Work , Education and is a Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Coach and Trainer and Health & Plant-Based Nutrition Coach.

Corinne discovered the incredible benefits of Hypnotherapy when overcoming a childhood phobia of blood tests. Corinne then became fascinated with Hypnotherapy and the power of the mind and has used Hypnosis to support her to stabilise her weight, overcome anxiety and depression and even to help her to navigate a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis when she lost the ability to walk unassisted.

These modalities have all supported Corinne to lose over 30kg and greatly improve her health, supporting her to place her Fibromyalgia and MS in remission for over 14 years now.

At the age of 25, Corinne lost her brother to Muscular Dystrophy . After witnessing someone she loved suffer so greatly, Corinne dedicated her life to supporting people to live their best lives and improve their health and wellbeing.

Corinne is committed to supporting her clients to increase their confidence, take control of their health and transform their lives from the inside out.

Corinne is passionate about helping you to feel better, to live better and to achieve your dreams, no matter how out of reach they might seem. Through Hypnosis ,Corinne can support you to improve your health, increase your energy, feel happier and more confident than ever before, so that you can live the life that you deserve.

After spending so much of her life living with the heaviness of low self-confidence, anxiety, grief and chronic illness, Corinne’s motto today is: ‘Life gets to be FUN’.


Shariann Clinical Hypnotherapist


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Complex trauma, Depression, anxiety, significant life transitions, altered state harm reduction, Human/Nature connection

Shariann is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has trained at The Academy of Hypnotic Science. She is a Certified HypnoFit® Practitioner. She is a level 3A Reiki practitioner and a shamanic practitioner in training with Shamanic Energy Training®.

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Shariann specialises in complex trauma, Depression, anxiety, significant life transitions, altered state harm reduction and the Human/Nature connection.

Shariann has over two decades of experience and knowledge in mental health, disabilities, dual diagnosis and community services.

As far back as she can remember, Shariann suffered from anxiety , debilitating digestive problems and a struggling immune system. When she was seven years old, and she was crossing the street with her younger brother, hand in hand, he was hit by a car and fatally dragged along the road.

This event left her experiencing night terrors, bed wetting and repetitive, ritualistic behavior.

No help was available from the Medical System.

Many years later, Hypnotherapy finally helped Shariann connect back to the feeling of happiness. She said it was like seeing everything for the first time. Her senses had been switched back on and she felt like she was back in her body, and able to feel and breathe freely.

As a Therapist and Healer, Shariann has the life experience and tools to help others connect to their happiness.

Shariann is now happily married with four children with a deep sense of belonging and connection to people, community and to nature.


Lisa Clinical Hypnotherapist


Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Life Coach

Stress, burnout, building resilience, specialising in corporate clients

Lisa Chan is an accomplished Hypnotherapist and NLP Life Coach, bringing with her over two decades of invaluable corporate leadership experience.

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Her journey from the corporate world to the field of hypnotherapy was inspired by her personal challenges with burnout, stress, and anxiety, particularly after relocating her family to Melbourne.

Lisa's transition from the corporate world to the realm of hypnotherapy has become her unique strength, enabling her to guide individuals who feel stuck towards unlocking their inner resilience and embracing positive change. During her own journey, Lisa discovered the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in overcoming her own challenges, and she now uses these techniques to help others achieve success.

Central to Lisa's mission is her belief in the untapped potential within every individual, which she fondly refers to as the 'Stardust' spark. She firmly believes that this spark can empower people to overcome stress, anxiety, and fear, regardless of their personal history or current circumstances.

Lisa's overarching goal is to assist her clients in breaking free from emotional barriers, rekindling their inner spark, and leading lives filled with passion.


Claim your free 30-minute strategy session with our specialist and transform your life today!

We have extensive experience in helping clients with weight loss, anxiety, depression, smoking, addictions,
performance anxiety and a host of other challenges. Get in touch for a confidential chat.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can absolutely enjoy the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy from your home. Your hypnotherapy sessions need to work for you, so if you’re more comfortable engaging with us virtually, please book an online strategy session with one of our Melbourne hypnotherapists. 

HypnoFit® seeks to offer the best, most relaxing and natural hypnotherapy to Melbourne residents who need it. We’re so committed and confident in our service and its positive impact that we offer a complimentary thirty-minute strategy session up-front. During this session, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the process and get to understand your unique needs. So, don’t be a slave to your personal stressors. A better, fuller life is out there waiting for you, and we’re here to take your call when you’re ready to live it.

Stress is part of our daily lives; there are no two ways about it. Each person experiences the world in different ways and how the environment we live in affects us resonates deep within our subconscious. 

Where negative emotions are left unresolved, these often manifest as recurrent habits or ticks and where left to fester can grow into more complex problems. Fortunately for those in and around Melbourne, effective hypnotherapy treatments are available at HypnoFit®. Our treatments will address the underlying causes of your stress and help you feel more relaxed on a day-to-day basis.

When you undergo hypnosis for weight loss, anxiety or for any other reason, you’ll be completely absorbed in the process and will be able to concentrate fully on putting right what’s wrong. If you’re not happy or comfortable with what’s going on, you’ll be able to pull out at any time. However, this hardly ever happens because people are given a feeling of empowerment by hypnosis and know that, with the help of the HypnoFit® Melbourne team, they’ll be able to make real changes to their lives that will be beneficial in the long-term.

Our Clinic Location

Our hypnosis clinic is located in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Bulleen, neighbouring Doncaster, Templestowe & Badlwin North – a short drive from the Melbourne CBD. 

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