Help your child become carefree via safe & effective hypnotherapy

As parents and guardians, we want nothing more than the happiness and wellbeing of our children.

In today’s world, there are immense pressures on young people.  Over recent years, there’s been significant growth in anxiety and depression in children as young as 9 years old. 

Hypnotherapy has been proven to help with issues such as poor self-confidence, social anxiety, eating disorders, performance at school and sport, O.C.D, dealing with grief and parental separation or divorce. Children who use hypnotherapy to eliminate their anxiety also see physical benefits including a reduction in symptoms from pulling hair and teeth grinding to night terrors and phobias.

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“I’ve been at HypnoFIt and I am much better from before. I’ve been doing well. I had anxiety because of threats, harassment and bullying at school. Yvonne has been helping me a lot to go through it and forget all negative thoughts that has been going on. I am using this wrist band where I will just flick to make my negative thought go away. "

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“I feel like I can do anything know after completing my HypnoFit Program."

“Yvonne has really helped me with a lot of my issues. I always feel good every time I come here and felt a lot better after seeing her."

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“Yvonne helped me get over my fear of 'everything'.”

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“I struggled with a lot through my teenage years and into adulthood. When my mum recommended I see Helen, I was sceptical at first but willing to try anything to feel better about myself. Through the twelve sessions I've had, I've noticed such a big improvement in my mental and physical health. I would absolutely recommend Helen and hypnotherapy to anyone struggling with depression and anxiety.”

MaceyWeight Loss
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“I've tried all different diets, and nothing really worked before I came here. Helen has just made everything really easy, and I'm feeling really good about myself. One of my mum's friends did the Virtual Gastric Band program and did really well too. So far, I've lost 6.3 kilos in six weeks.”

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“I genuinely think this is one of the best things I've ever done. Before I came here, I was struggling through life. You do the best you can do, but I've learnt tools - almost like 'cheat codes' for life. Life feels so much easier. It's almost unfair to other people who don't do this! I've had a lot of big challenges to overcome. Those things I've gone through left a scar on my soul, but since I've come here, the scars are gone. If I go back and think about just a few weeks ago, to what I was like when I started doing this, it's like I was a different person."


Individual results may vary.

Eliminate anxiety in 7 simple but
powerful steps.

Identify subconscious patterns

We uncover your child's subconscious patterns and self-imposed limitations.

Switch neural pathways

We switch your child's neural pathways from negative thinking to positive thinking.

Halt negative emotions

We put a stop to negative emotions like anger, sadness, depression, fear & hurt.

Eliminate anxiety and panic

We eliminate anxiety in all circumstances and stop the cycle of panic attacks.

Stop limiting beliefs

We uncover and end the limiting beliefs that sabotage your child's progress.

Activate empowering beliefs

We activate empowering beliefs and reconnect your child to their passions.

Make changes permanent

Customised Deep Trance Hypnosis embeds the changes in their subconscious.

How we treat children with Hypnotherapy

Our specially trained Melbourne Hypnotherapists will seek to understand where your child’s thoughts, emotions and behaviours come from and create a tailored plan to reprogram their subconscious mind in a safe, nurturing and loving environment.

Many events could trigger overwhelming feelings in a child. 

Separated parents. Issues with friends. Loss of a loved one. 

Your HypnoFit® therapist is experienced in providing reassuring support to young people. They identify where negative thoughts and pathways have formed and help your child replace these thoughts with those that will empower them to grow up healthy and mentally and physically resilient. 

For children under 10, a hybrid of SleepTalk and traditional hypnotherapy may be used. SleepTalk is an educational technique delivered to parents that enables a child’s mind to be focused on positive messages whilst at the correct brainwave frequency of awareness during sleep.

Your child doesn’t have to be anxious or worried forever. At HypnoFit®, we’re passionate about using the power of hypnotherapy to equip young people with all the tools they need for a positive, happy future.

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Sign up for a Children's Hypnotherapy program and receive an advanced hypnosis exercise to combat stress and anxiety in children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Children often find themselves in a similar state to hypnosis when they’re playing. The HypnoFit® program is natural and safe for people of any age. 

Our children’s hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help young people realise their own power and make use of their natural curiosity.

We go at your child’s pace and use language they’re familiar with to explain the process before we start hypnosis. 

Happily, we find that any nervousness usually dissipates quickly when children realise that our sessions are fun!

A children’s hypnotherapy session is a fun and interactive mix of play based and traditional hypnotherapy.

Yes!  Our therapists have current Working With Children Checks (WWCC) and/or Police Checks.

It’s at the discretion of the therapist and depending on age. Most children do not want discussions to he had in front of them. This breaks rapport and trust between the child and the therapist.

Children have powerful imaginations and are often the best subjects. Just like adults however, the drive for change has to come direct from the client (and not the parent).   The success is completely dependent on the degree of will for change.

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