Are You Liked at Work?

This original article by Helen Mitas was 
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Did you take your first step towards a corporate career this year? Or perhaps you moved organisation or department. Whichever the case, you would have faced a new set of work systems, policies and relationship dynamics, all of which could leave your head spinning.

Adapting to a new workplace can be stressful even if you are not a newcomer to the workforce. Amidst getting used to your new role and workflow, you also have to pay attention to shaping your new team’s impression of you. This is where the big mistake often – and unintentionally – takes place.

Many people tend to focus on getting only into their manager’s good books in the hope that a stellar professional impression will have a direct and positive impact on their annual bonus and subsequent rise up the corporate ladder. But being liked by the top guns is not enough to drive success at work. You also need to like and be liked by your peers.

The fact that you spend a hefty portion of your weekday with your colleagues is good enough reason to get along with them. But that relationship needs to go further than polite conversations at the water cooler. What you need is genuine friendship.

The benefits of having friends at work are threefold. First is that you will be more likely to receive the support and assistance you need to navigate through your new corporate landscape. This will save you heaps of time from having to figure everything out on your own.

Second is that people are more likely to listen better to those they like and accept their point of view, which in turn will help you feel validated and an important member of the team. And third, the more you are liked, the more influence you will have. This means you will be able to drive decisions and make contributions to your workplace that will leave you happier and more fulfilled.

Now here are five easy ways to win at the likability stakes in the office:

Be your true self

People connect with human imperfections so do not pretend to be someone you are not. It is exhausting and people will very quickly sniff out the pretense.

Have a good work ethic

Get to work on time and do more than what is expected of you. People do not want to be around slackers. Be helpful and it will be reciprocated.

Be honest

If you do not have the answer, say so. And then make it your business to find out what it is. The effort will be noticed and appreciated.

Be generous with your attention

Give everyone a sense of importance by asking them about themselves and remembering what they tell you. Be interested in their lives. People like people who make them feel like they matter.

Be positive

No one wants to hang around a wet blanket. Be that person who puts a smile on other people’s faces after each interaction.

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