Get Unstuck – From Denial to Grief to Empowerment to a New Way! ???? ???? ????

Who would have guessed??!

When the news of the Coronavirus first came out, the natural response was to think that it couldn’t be real. It was like we were all in a sci-fi movie, but alas there was no Bruce Willis to save the earth and even Tom Hanks was struck down!

Many are going through the various stages of Grief. Many are still in the Denial Stage as they won’t accept how severe the situation is. They are still doing things the old way, instead of thinking of how to do things in a new way.

As we move out of the stages of grief, we need to focus on how to do things differently so that we don’t shrink away while we get through this, but we expand with the opportunities that are now more relevant than ever.

In this video, I share one action you can take to stay calm, move through this stressful time and create a better outcome for everyone.

It’s okay to sit with sadness for a while:

We are mourning because we have lost certainty.

“A new world. A different world. You will be OK!”  Helen Mitas

You don’t have to face this on your own.

We offer online confidential Hypnotherapy sessions and to help you out during these difficult times – we are offering a 30% discount during April for all Anxiety related issues.

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