Get Unstuck – What is the #1 habit that would make the biggest impact on our healthy body goals without giving up cake! ???????? ????️‍♀‍

For the last month or so, we all went into lockdown and it was all about feeding and comforting the soul with things like chocolate, ice cream or wine. Instead of having “party food” once a week, it became a daily event and now we are realising the consequences!

Even though my expertise is all about weight loss, we all need assistance, support and accountability. So, I asked Coach Christian to help me create a plan for me.

In this video, we talk about the steps we are taking and how we chose the number one habit that will have the biggest impact on achieving our healthy body goals.

We all need help.
Think about who can be your Accountability Buddy to talk to and share your goals with.

“Small changes over a period of time become automatic. It’s about making one change and making it stick!”  Coach Christian

You don’t have to face this on your own.

We offer online confidential Hypnotherapy sessions and to help you out during these difficult times – we are offering a 30% discount during May for all Anxiety-related issues.

Contact Debra on 1300 797 622 and mention the code TOGETHER STRONGER to access our special offer.

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