Happiness – the 2nd secret key

Do you think that our happiness would be greater in taking an around the world trip or a weekend away to Daylesford?

The answer may surprise you!

As it is likely that the trip to Daylesford can occur on a far more regular basis than an overseas trip, it is likely that you will be happier with your trip to Daylesford.

We need to keep topping up our tank of happiness, keeping those experiences at the front of our consciousness. A steady trickle of that happiness hormone, Endorphin, is just enough.

Studies have shown that we are happier when we have:


I LOVE planning weekends away and I truly enjoy every moment starting from the anticipation of the getaway to the actual weekend. So, forget saving up for that Overseas holiday and go away on little trips regularly!

Happiness Tips for Small Pleasures

  1. Planned date nights with your partner.
  2. Planned catch ups with friends. Book the next catch up before you leave so that you don’t leave it to chance. Have you ever had a great night with close friends and said something along the lines of “we need to catch up more often”. Make SURE it happens!
  3. Research and experiment possible new experiences.
  4. Take responsibility for your own happiness. Don’t wait for others to invite you to an outing. Do it yourself! Even if you are the one that always does! That’s OK; feel empowered. YOU are 100% responsible for your happiness.