Life is precious

Last week marked the close of the first third of 2014. Reflecting on what has been an insanely busy year so far, I realised that there were two events that managed to put everything into perspective for me.

The first was my Dad’s 84th Birthday and the second was the tragic death of a young man that worked out at my gym, as a result of rock climbing accident.

In all the busy busy of our world, as we are rushing around doing all those things we think we have to do…we sometimes lose sight of what’s really important.

I know I have spent less time with my elderly parents this year than I have in the past because I let my work get in the way.

Last year – we spent 3 weeks on an overseas trip with them and the memories are etched in my memory forever.

Make every moment count.

Life is Precious.


Video Gem of the Week

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