The BS of ‘not enough time’

Do you believe that you ‘don’t have enough time’ to get things done? Are you ‘too busy’ to do the things that are required to achieve your goals? The ‘not enough time’ reason is nothing more than an excuse.

Not enough time

Time is one area where we are all exactly equal. Everybody has 24 hours every day and 7 days every week. I know that I am stating the obvious but we can lose sight of this simple fact.

The truth is, we spend our time doing things that matter most to us and are easiest. We always manage to make time for whatever we consider to be more important and the rest just fills in the gaps. For example, if you had planned to have a special dinner with your family and a very important matter came up at work that needed your attention, what would you do? The answer would depend on what you valued most at the time.

Many of my clients don’t allocate any time to their health at all when they first come to see me, because they have placed greater value on being successful at work or supporting the needs of others.

Whenever a client tells me they are too busy to exercise, I ask them whether they believe they are busier than President Obama? In the President’s very busy schedule, he will start by exercising anything from 45-90 minutes each and every day. Obama’s former campaign manager told Web MD, his logic always was, “… the rest of my time will be more productive if you give me my workout time…”

So, your claim of “I don’t have enough time to exercise” is really “I choose not to take the time to exercise.” It’s not that you do not have the time; it’s that you have chosen to allocate that time to other activities that you have decided are more important or valuable at this period in your life.

Three tips to make sure you get the most out of your time:

1. Set your specific intention and place a start date next to it

2. Create an emotional connection that represents your ‘WHY’ to that intention.

People will always take action when they have a strong emotional connection to their intended action. There needs to be a reason. Find your “WHY”. It could be that your “WHY” for exercising is that you want to be around for your children or your grandchildren and stand by their side during their life journey.

3. Take uninterrupted action every day towards achieving that goal. This action might be anything from 10-60 minutes of concentrated effort every day.

Set the stopwatch. Switch off social media & other distractions and get moving!

First published in Women with Drive October 2014.

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