Top Hypnotherapist Award

My recent trip to Chicago to present at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference brought an unexpected surprise for me.

At the awards night during the conference, I was shocked and humbled to receive the Hypnotist of the Year Award for 2018!

Receiving such high recognition from my peers meant a lot to me. Even more delightful was the plethora of messages from former clients who were grateful for the changes I helped them make in their life.

What do you want to create?  LET YOUR PASSION FUEL YOU!

I created my business nine years ago fueled by my passion to help others free themselves from their self-sabotaging behaviour.

Along the way, the team here at Hypnofit and I have felt honoured to walk alongside our clients on their journey to self-empowerment. I’ve also travelled all over the world speaking at events and training other hypnotherapists.

It’s been a fabulous journey and receiving this award brings gratitude and humility.

Never give up! You’ll create surprising results.

It just goes to show that if you have a particular goal for your life and you stay focused, you can create something that is better than you ever imagined.

Don’t hold yourself back!
What do you want to create for yourself?

Just remember these three steps:

  1. Follow your heart. When you do what you love and take consistent focused action, the rest will follow. 
  2. Live with Passion. Let your passion lead the way to realizing your goals. 
  3. The rest takes care of itself. By taking action, you open up new opportunities and you’ll be surprised and delighted as to what is possible.


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