5 tips for an anxiety free Christmas

Christmas was not my favourite time of the year. It was too difficult. Life in a standard nuclear family (if there is such a thing) is hard enough. In a blended family it takes on a whole new meaning. There are the usual demands of shopping, stretched finances, office functions and visits to our loved ones, but these issues were multiplied tenfold with us.

Our family Christmas experience could only be described as madness. Timetables to negotiate with ex-wives & ex-husbands and extended family (my husband’s parents are divorced too – icing on our “madness cake). I would actually have heart palpitations as the “festive” season drew closer.

One Christmas day we trekked 430km to 6 locations….this was Madness!

Was it really worth all of that anxiety, the arguments, stress and tears?

Are some of your traditions weighing you down rather than making you feel good?

Traditions are wonderful for promoting a feeling of connection with the people we love. When traditions prevent us from feeling good, it is the time to create ones that suit your lifestyle.

Break new ground.

5 Tips for an Anxiety Free Christmas

  1. Never do too much on any one day – plan
  2. Implement a “Secret Santa”
  3. Spread visits over the entire season
  4. Do what YOU want to do and give your love to it
  5. Read my FREE e-book “How to Eliminate Anxiety In 3 Easy Steps”

Let Christmas be a time where we connect with the spirit of the season. I am now looking forward to a Christmas Day full of love, good times and laughter.

I wish your family blessings of peace, harmony & love.

MERRY XMAS from my family to yours.

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