Pepsi made me FAT

Bad habits will creep back into your life like a miserable thief in the night. Those neural pathways that governed your bad habits are just waiting for you to weaken.fatpepsi

That’s what happened with me and Pepsi Max.

I stopped drinking it completely a number of years ago when I was determined to stop ingesting toxic foods and drinks. It didn’t touch my lips for a couple of years and I felt fabulous!

And, then one fateful day, I decided I needed an “energy” boost so I drank one, and then two and before I knew it…I was a Pepsi JUNKIE once again. That nasty old habit had reared its ugly head. That’s what habits do…you wake them up & before you know it…you relinquish control to them.

A couple of weeks ago, I made the decision (once again) that I was going to be permanently free of the dreaded Pepsi Max.

It was a case of willpower, determination and using tactics such as “pressing my PAUSE BUTTON”. – (ask me how).

The first thing I noticed this time – was that my SUGAR CRAVINGS had disappeared!! YES! DISAPPEARED!

I was no longer searching for that sweetness after a meal. I was happy to have a cup of green tea instead of convincing myself that I “had” to have one.

There are scientific reasons as to why this happens.

  • Artificial sweeteners trick your metabolism into thinking sugar is on its way. This causes your body to pump out insulin, the fat storage hormone, which lays down more belly fat.
  • Artificial sweeteners confuse and slow down your metabolism so you burn fewer calories every day
  • Artificial sweeteners are hundreds to thousands of times sweeter than regular sugar, activating our genetically-programmed preference for sweet taste more than any other substance which means you are more likely to have SUGAR CRAVINGS


If you are feeling like a fizzy drink, start drinking sparkling natural mineral water. It’s refreshing and delicious. One study found that people whose drinking water was low in magnesium were able to lower their blood pressure by drinking a litre of mineral water every day.

Join me in my quest to eliminate soft drinks from your life forever.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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