Can’t control your life, but can control your reaction

For a short time on Sunday the universe seemed to be conspiring against me. Was it an evil plan to take me out of my fabulous state? I had just presented my Fast Track to Fabulous weekend workshop which was a truly uplifting and fabulous event. A little later that evening my state was not so fabulous.

I had 3 unpleasant events that occurred one after the other and it felt like I was being tested “Okay, you have been teaching others how to feel fabulous all weekend….how do you feel now?” was the discussion going on in my head.

My answer to that thought was “I may not be feeling fabulous at this moment, but I know that I will be very soon” and I knew I had the skills to do it. My Fast Track to Fabulous participants now know this too!

I know that no matter how I feel, I will ALWAYS feel differently when the emotionally charged moment passes and as everything changes, perspectives change and feelings change.

It is so important to know that. People who are suffering from depression don’t believe that anything will change and this belief keeps them in a depressed and un-resourceful state.

Things will ALWAYS get better. I am sure of that.

If something happens unexpectedly as it did on Sunday, I KNOW that I can manage it and everything will be fine.

Manage the negative events that happen in your life with these 4 easy steps

  1. Press the Pause Button. No need to say or do anything immediately. Just stop for 60 seconds!
  2. Calm the body physically by taking in 3 – 10 deep breaths; in through the nose, hold it and then out through the mouth with a loud ‘hah’ sound
  3. Tell yourself that whatever it is that has upset you will be resolved and that every day in every way it will get better and better
  4. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want and “KABOOM” before you know it that moment has passed and there’s a fabulous moment coming your way. Just knowing that it is on its way is all that really matters.

You can’t control the events in your life, but you can create your reaction to them.

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