Like it or hate it: Big Brother can teach us something

My interest in reality TV as a “social experiment” started in 1992 when ‘Sylvania Waters’ aired on the ABC. My inner voyeur couldn’t get enough of watching how people communicate and interact. I was fascinated by the triggers and motivations that these people exhibited whilst going about their daily life.

Can a reality TV show really be a microcosm of our society?

Many people argue that these participants are in fact not being themselves as they are fully aware of the fact that they are being filmed and that they may have other agendas in being there. This may be true but what occurred to me last week was that the 3 finalists of ‘Big Brother’ seemed to come across as being authentic. These housemates had very obvious weaknesses, but they seemed to be true to who they really were and that was what seemed to get them through to the final round.

When someone is not operating out of their AUTHENTIC SELF, there cannot be a true connection with other people. We can only truly connect when we are authentic.

So who are we all really? Are we really in touch with our AUTHENTIC SELF?

In order to be attuned to our AUTHENTIC SELF our feelings, thoughts and behaviours need to be aligned and when this happens, the possibilities are endless.

The authentic self is the YOU that exists at your absolute centre. Your CORE. It is not defined by your job or function or status. It is not defined by what you think you ‘should’ do – it is the unique you, it is what you and only you can offer to the people you connect with.

When you connect with your AUTHENTIC SELF and give expression to it, you are well on your journey to be self-fulfilled and truly gratified. You will attract people that have real connection to who you really are. Your ability to sustain and nurture loving relationships will be enhanced. You will experience real truth in your life and in in everything that you do.

Answer these questions to get in touch with your AUTHENTIC SELF

  • If you had no responsibilities, what would you DO?
  • If you had no responsibilities, who would you BE?
  • What’s really stopping you from doing and being those things RIGHT NOW?
  • What are the things you need to say ‘NO’ to right now as they do not align with your purpose and who you really are?
  • What is the one step you can take today towards becoming aligned with your Authentic Self?

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