Ditch the gold: Competition is it’s own reward

As I am watching the Olympics I can’t help but be surprised that so many athletes are so disappointed at themselves for getting a Silver medal instead of Gold! I understand that they have made countless sacrifices to get to that very moment. They have endured hundreds of hours of pain, they have missed out on key family moments and they have sacrificed everything to be there, BUT let’s put it into perspective, just being there is a glorious honour. Out of all the humans in the world they are representing their country at the Olympic Games; the most revered sporting event of our times. What of the athletes that endured so much and missed out on selection, failed to qualify in a final or could not participate due to injury?Instead of appreciating the absolute honour of being an Olympian, they feel they have let their country and their families down because they got Silver instead of Gold! The fact that they are even there tells me about their massive strength, determination and guts!

In the picture, I received a Silver medal for a 10K run and achieved this for 2 years running. Would I have been happier if I got Gold? …Actually NO! It would have been impossible for me to feel any happier. I felt euphoric because I was 42 years old and 20 years earlier when I was supposed to be at my prime, I wasn’t even able to run 10K let alone get a medal. I am in my 40s and I am healthier and stronger now than I ever was.

I was full of gratitude at the opportunities and subsequent choices that led me to this moment of health and vitality.

I was the chubby girl at High School who made any excuse to get out of sports days or PE lessons and here I was in my 40s getting a medal! On this particular day, it was actually freezing cold, pouring with rain, hail stones and I was so proud to be out there in the elements giving my EVERYTHING. At that moment I knew that I was the best that I could possibly be.

How did I transition from making excuses to avoid sport to taking every opportunity to move my body?
I DECIDED that I wasn’t born overweight and lazy.
I DECIDED that this was a choice I made as a teenager and I could make different choices anytime I wanted to.

3 powerful TIPS that will lead you to TOTAL health & vitality so that YOU can do your best:

  1. A reason for NOT doing something you have planned to do is simply an EXCUSE. You decide whether you want REASONS OR RESULTS!
  2. Don’t wait to FEEL like doing what you planned to do. JUST DO IT NOW.
  3. Don’t be afraid to push yourself so that your heart is thumping and you are sweating. This is an indicator that you are ALIVE. Enjoy the moment.

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