Get out of your comfort zone

Have you ever wondered what you could achieve if you allowed yourself to be stretched outside your comfort zone?

Have you ever wondered what you are really capable of?

You are only limited with what you believe is possible!

We have all heard this before and it almost sounds like a cliché but it is so true. When we allow ourselves this potential anything is possible.

One of my clients decided to come to me as she felt overwhelmed with what was happening in her life and was struggling with the demands of being a single mother to three children, one of which is Autistic. She was also in a battle with her ex-husband over the custodial arrangements of her children. She was STRESSED and stretched to breaking point. She felt as if life presented her with one hurdle after another with no time in between to breathe.

As you can imagine, she was feeling like everything in her life was a battle which she couldn’t win as she was dealing with the unlimited demands that her children, her ex-husband and even that she herself placed on herself.

After completing the ‘Take Control and Live Strong’ program at Hypnofit, she has since decided that she will be undertaking studies to be a Lawyer. Now, you might think that she was crazy!! Another stress in her life! The ‘Take Control and Live Strong ‘ program was able to give her the clarity and the ability to calmly deal with events as they arose in her life. The events themselves didn’t change, her court appearances have not ended but she now has a new outlook, a new perspective and is able to disassociate from the emotions of events as they occur and manage them on her terms.

She decided that her experience of sitting in a courtroom had given her a deep empathy and understanding of what people go through as they enter our legal institutions and felt that she was able to give back to society by taking this massive action! A decision to extend or stretch her potential in commencing a Law Degree meant that her future possibilities have no limit. She has allowed herself to open up to change and to new and challenging experiences.

Just like the rubber band, we need to have some stretch or stress in our life so that we can reach our true potential; not enough and we have no purpose, too much and we risk snapping if we don’t learn to disassociate and take control . We all need to have a manageable level of stress in our life to give us the edge to live it in a fulfilling way. We all need balance.

3 Tips to help you start the process of stretching yourself.

Tip #1

Plan to do something you have NEVER done before. Maybe you can try a form of exercise you wouldn’t normally do. Maybe you can have a conversation with someone you would not normally have.

Tip # 2

Once you have chosen what you want to do that you have never done before, schedule it in your calendar.

Tip # 3

Learn how to do it, research it on the web or have a conversation with someone who is doing what you want to do and ask them how they started to do it.

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