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How To Turn Adversity To Triumph

adversity into triumph

Triumph over adversity

 My passion is to help people overcome challenges and adversity. I love to see people who are knocked down, get up and start again. Does it feel like the ground has been pulled out from under your feet? Do you need some inspiration on how to get up and keep going?

We never know when a life-changing situation is just around the ccorner. It can be painful, gut-wrenching and totally frustrating. There may cause us to give up completely and become overwhelmed by what has happened. Yet there is also an opportunity to embrace our circumstances and learn how to live in a very different way.

How would you react if, through no fault of your own, your whole life was turned around? What would you need to do to pick yourself up and start all over again? It takes something to face adversity and not let it be in control of you. It takes focus, great attitude and learning how to express gratitude, no matter what we face.


The first important step is choosing your end goal. It may be something that seems so far from where you are now and you have no idea how you’re going to achieve it. Yet by focusing on your goal, you immediately change your energy levels. Whatever you focus on becomes bigger. Focusing on the problems and obstacles only makes them seem much larger than they are. It weakens your ability to do what you need to do to pull through.

Take a look at this interview with Kerryn Harvey that I recorded. Listen to how her life was turned around in the most extreme circumstances. Kerryn faced something that many of us would find completely debilitating. In the first part of the interview she tells us what happened.

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Hear how Kerryn’s life was turned upside down in an unexpected way.
Stay tuned for how she overcomes her obstacles in our next newsletter.

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