How to turn adversity into triumph Part 2


Triumph over adversity

I continue my interview with Kerryn Harvey and share this with you to provide inspiration and encouragement. The second step in turning her situation around was her attitude. Her story will inspire you.

Despite great obstacles Kerryn set her goals, remained determined and created new opportunities and results for herself.


The second important step to take when your world gets turned upside down. If you adopt a negative attitude, you will find evidence to prove that it is true. If you tell yourself you can’t do anything, that is what you will experience. If you believe it is then “end” of your life, that is what you will see.

However, if you choose to see the opportunities in life, you begin moving forward faster towards recovery. You discover skills and aptitudes you never realized you had.


You will notice that Kerryn expresses a  lot of gratitude. She realized that she was surrounded by loving support from her family and friends. This gave her the courage to take on a new career. Many others would have crumpled under the conditions. Yet, Kerryn can see the blessings her situation brought into her life.

No matter what we are facing, there is always something to be grateful for. Our lives are blessed with love, friendship and opportunities every day. If you feel that your life is harsh and causing you pain and anxiety, begin your gratitude list with the simplest, most basic things. Suddenly, you find more and more reasons to be thankful for the life you are leading.

By applying the three steps of Focus, Attitude and Gratitude, you can change your view, become empowered and re-energised and find bigger and better solutions you can apply. Suddenly, your life becomes more fun, more empowered and ready for action once again.

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