Is exercise something ‘other people’ do?

Use Your Mind to Get Your Butt Moving – 3 Exercise Motivation Tips

I have wanted to write a blog for some time now, but have procrastinated. There was always something else to do which managed to take priority and at the time appeared more important. What I was really doing was making excuses.

Is that how it is for you with exercise or anything else that you want to do? You know you must do it, but somehow it never happens?

The rider in the picture is heading off on a 150-mile fund-raiser. A challenge that even the fittest of us would find daunting. What an amazing thing to do! I wonder what events in his life led him to this moment in time.

Before I began running, I used to think that’s what ‘other people ‘did. Other people ran, people like ‘me’ just walked. When I first starting running at the age of 35 my goal was simply to run to the next ‘pole ‘and then walk to the next pole and then run to the next one and so on. Since that time, I have participated in many long distance running events and have even achieved some success.

I remember the very first fun run I participated in where I burst into tears at the finish line because I did something that I never thought that I could do. A stranger saw my emotional outburst and came up to me and said “Did you just complete the Marathon?” I had to laugh and admit that it was just 5 K, but to me it was as if I had completed a marathon. I had broken through another limiting belief in my life. I now firmly believe that ‘I am a Runner’ and that’s who I am, not just what I do.

Do you want to get moving too? Here is 3 powerful tips to get your butt moving.

Make the Decision. Decide that now is the time. Not next week, not after the next big event, not on Monday, but this very moment. Why is it that you need to make the decision now? Get yourself a pen and paper and list why you must exercise. Are you sick and tired of feeling judged? Have you had enough of feeling lethargic and fatigued? Write all the reasons and connect to those reasons. For me, when I first started exercising, the reason for exercise was so that I could eat more food and still continue along my weight loss journey. My reasons today are different.

Once you have decided, make it a non-negotiable activity. Don’t wait to ‘feel’ like doing exercise, as that is not likely to happen consistently. You won’t ‘feel’ like getting out of your warm bed to exercise each morning…make it non-negotiable; no different to making time to brush your teeth or buy grocery items. It has to be done. No excuses!

Plan your time; plan your activity; plan what you will do if it rains. Schedule exercise time on your calendar and treat it as any other important event.

What’s more important than booking a time for your health and a vital active life?
If you want to get off your butt and move towards one of your goals, why not give me a call on 0409 938 589?

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