How do you react to bad news?

A close family member was given some unpleasant news about their health a couple of months ago. From the moment he was given the news, the perception of his whole life changed. He stopped attending the local club because he didn’t want people constantly asking him how he was. He stopped his daily walks and even stopped his daily ritual of reading the daily paper after breakfast. In a matter of weeks, he became withdrawn, isolated and depressed.

He had given this diagnosis a dire meaning. He was prescribed anti-depressants to manage his feelings which he was opposed to taking. At this point I suggested that he have one session with a Hypnotherapist that practised in his area. Thankfully he did. I saw him last Friday and the change in his physical and mental wellbeing was enormous; it’s the same change I see after my clients begin their therapy with me. He had a big grin on his face and proudly announced “…I put all my bad thoughts in a big rubbish bin and I threw them over a cliff!” His whole perspective has now changed.

He has elected to continue with the hypnotherapy, which is a natural, safe method of managing fears and anxieties. His initial belief was that he could not change his destiny and that he had a disease that could only be treated by medical professionals. This belief prevented him from making any effort to get better. He has taken his personal power back and realises that as long as he puts all his hope in a medical answer – he was limiting his ability to recover. Now that he has the tools to manage how he feels, thinks and behaves, he has the capacity to positively impact his bodies’ natural healing powers.

Depression is a diagnosis given to a set of symptoms. It is a label we give to people who have a depressed mood most of the time, have lost interest or pleasure in most activities, are fatigued, can’t sleep, have no interest in sex, feel hopeless and helpless, can’t think clearly, or can’t make decisions. That label tells us NOTHING about the cause of those symptoms.

Rather than using drugs to suppress symptoms, we need to find the root causes of problems and eliminate them. Sadly, many people would rather be medicated than acknowledge and deal with their real fears.

Be responsible for your emotional and physical health. Do not allow yourself to be a victim of Drug Company Marketing.

Christine suffered from Chronic Depression for many years. Hear what she had to say after only just 6 sessions at Hypnofit. Call me on 0409 938 589 so that we can discuss how I can help you throw those problems off that cliff!

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