How I overcame my desire to drink ? wine last night when I was out to dinner!!!

I’ve set a challenge for myself.

I’ve been busy travelling a lot lately training Hypnotherapists here in Australia and in the USA. I found I was getting back into some self-sabotaging habits that are not helpful.

I was rewarding myself with a glass of wine after finishing the training sessions. When I was offered wine on the plane, I was accepting. I chose this challenge because I realized that I had changed from having 4-5 alcohol-free days every week to none!  

I share in this video why I chose to challenge myself and not drink any alcohol for 40 days. I also share how I managed the self-sabotaging thoughts that came into my head. There are a couple of steps I have taken to ensure that I stay on track.

Is there something that you know is not great for your health?
Are your actions holding you back in some way?

If like me, you discover you’ve returned to an old pattern, it’s not an opportunity to put yourself down. We all make mistakes. You can pick yourself up and choose to behave in a different way.

Listen to the video to find out how to get back in control of your life.
Click on the link to find out more

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Yalini Nirmalarajah is passionate about empowering people to take back control of their lives. She works with you to get to the source of an issue so you can create the change you desire. She has a natural ease with people and creates a warm and nurturing environment for you to open up, knowing that you are safe and supported. Yalini has a degree in psychology, she is a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a qualified Quantum Consciousness facilitator.

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