Power strategy for dining out

My hubby turned 50 yesterday and I whisked him away to a surprise dinner at Vue De Monde which was a sensational fine dining experience.

We had an experience that we will never forget. The food itself was amazing accompanied by a sensory explosion which included rocks used as plates, liquid nitrogen used to prepare a course or two and ingenious presentation – in all it was a culinary & theatrical extravaganza.

Which got me thinking – when we go out to dinner or a function – we quite often forget that the food and drink only plays a small role in the overall experience.

We are totally consumed by the food to the detriment of people and the conversations that are happening around us….and don’t get me started on the whole mobile phone culture at the dinner table thing.

So, what’s more important for you – the food or the company? Leave your comments below.


Take Control..Live Strong

– Helen Mitas