The power of focus

AT 5pm Saturday night I HIT THE WALL BIG TIME……

It all began on Friday at 12pm when myself and a good friend went to a 48 hour lockdown in Mount Martha so that we could work on our books without any distractions….by the way mine’s called Corporate Fit Cats – Success Inside & Out.

I had an outcome in mind. My book was to be completed and ready for editing by midday Sunday

It was BLOODY hard work.

By 5pm on Saturday night, my brain was fried, my back was aching from being in the same position for SO MANY HOURS and my body and mind were screaming to stop…that’s when I hit the wall.

I took a deep breath, I regrouped , forced a state change , got my power back & then proceeded to write the best chapter to date.

And now it’s done. Ready for editing.

If I was to do this when ‘ I had time’ that time would NEVER come.

TIP: Decide what you want to do & then FOCUS on it until it’s done – Do it in 1 hour blocks!

Power comes from Focus….this was all or nothing!

– Helen

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