Vision Boards

Why we must see our dreams.

When people first come to see me to help them achieve their goals, the first question I ask is,

“Why are you here?”

The answer is invariably the same…they don’t want to be fat, uncomfortable, depressed, angry or any combination of these labels.

Most people know what they do NOT want but will struggle to tell you what they actually DO want.

“I don’t want to be embarrassed with the way I look”

“I am sick and tired of feeling exhausted”

“I don’t want to be angry anymore”

Focussing on what you do not want is not helping you achieve what it is that you do want. In fact, the subconscious mind does not even register the negatives and so all it hears is anger, fat, depression, exhaustion which, well and truly places you on a one way trip to achieving all of the things you are doing your best to avoid.

Now it’s time to get very clear about what your target is, because you cannot hit the target unless you know what it is. Once you know what it looks like, sounds like, feels like, then you can take careful aim and hit that sucker.

Create the Target

Vision is clearly foreseeing what may come to be and what you hold true.

A really powerful tool that will set you on your way to achieving your goals is a VISION BOARD. This will act as a constant reminder of your intentions and help you maintain your focus so that you do not lose sight of the big picture.

The subconscious mind learns and retains memories best with symbols and pictures. Therefore, if you give your subconscious mind a specific picture of your compelling outcome, it will believe it to be true and start to think, feel and act like you are that person that you want to be. You will start to see opportunities that you may never have noticed before; grab them!

So, how do you identify what it is that you DO want?

Step 1:

Examine each of the following life interests & identify specifically what you want in each area.

Do not be concerned about whether what you want is possible or not – this is your chance to dream big!

Intimate Relationship
Personal Growth
Fun /Recreation


Now that you know what you want, you need to find pictures and symbols that represent each and everything you want. Use Magazines, the internet, or anything else that you can get your hands on.

All you need to do is buy a cork board and just pin or stick your images to it, get crafty and create a poster or you can just do this virtually and set this as a screensaver or a file on your computer. Whatever you do, it must be in your face.


Keep it fresh!

Your vision board is a dynamic piece of art, so keep adding to it. When you achieve a goal make sure you celebrate it.

Here are a couple of examples of vision boards ;

Have fun and start manifesting!


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