Weight loss on holidays

I just got back from Fiji…this time WITHOUT the extra weight!!

You have decided that you want to be comfortable and look your best on your next holiday so you start to be mindful of your food choices and you exercise more.

The holiday has finally arrived and you are happy…you have worked so hard for this moment and you are feeling great.
So, there you are FINALLY at your holiday destination and now it’s PAY OFF time.

You eat whatever you feel like, knocking back those cocktails like there’s no tomorrow and your exercise routine has been forgotten.

Smart food choices…you have to be kidding me!

The gym…no way, this is a holiday after all!

I Just want to relax!

The holiday comes to an end and to your horror…surprise, surprise…you have gained all the weight you so diligently lost PLUS more!

Once upon time that was my belief system. It was a never ending rollercoaster of dieting and bingeing. But, thankfully that time is long gone and I have another more helpful belief.

Find out my 3 TOP TIPS to guarantee you holiday bliss WITHOUT the extra WEIGHT!

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