Why are you still the victim?

I remember when I was a victim. It was hard work because BAD things were always happening to me. I was in a second marriage and it was SO SO difficult. For anyone who has experienced a blended family, it’s a bloody hard gig. I had a child from my previous marriage and my husband had 3. We both had to consider the competing demands of our Ex’s…so between us we were carrying a LOT of excess, emotionally charged baggage.

Boo, bloody Hoo!!!

It was great being the VICTIM….I could always blame everyone else for my “woe is me” predicament except for ME…pretty, pretty convenient.

But….do you know what?

I soon realised that this attitude did not serve me…it took away all of my POWER.
It all changed when I DECIDED to be at CAUSE rather than EFFECT in my life.

“How?”…I hear you say.

Watch this 5 minute video from my recent Fear to Fabulous in 6 Easy Steps workshop and you will see HOW. I promise you that your response will not be “…that’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back”.

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Stop being the VICTIM!!!