15 Ways To Really Enjoy Your Career In 2017

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By the time the average professional woman reaches the end of her career, she would have spent approximately 109,980 hours at work.

That is a big chunk of our life. And what a tragedy it would be if all we did for that entire time was wait for Friday to come around! So how do we make the best of most moments in our professional life?

As a jumpstart to 2017, here are 15 ways to be really happy in your career:

1. If you do not feel comfortable with your future manager, you are not obliged to take the job. Trust your instinct and take control of your own career.

2. Choose a company with values that match yours. If flexibility is important to you, then do not choose a company where the culture demands otherwise.

3. Make friends at work. We are all social beings and it is important to interact with your peers in a lighthearted way.

4. Take your lunch break away from your desk no matter how busy you are. Your health should always be your highest priority.

5. Go outside during your break to rejuvenate and get some fresh air. Going for a walk will clear your head and give you a better perspective of any situation at hand.

6. Greet everyone by name as you walk in the door. And farewell your co-workers as you leave for the day – do not just make a run for it!

7. Know what is happening in your workplace beyond your job. That knowledge is your responsibility and will become your strength.

8. Take charge of your own development. You have the most to gain from growth and the most to lose from standing still.

9. Remember birthdays and other significant details of your peers and managers. Bring these details up in conversation and your rapport will soar.

10. Catch up with your work mates for social events outside of work. You will connect with them at a different level.

11. When you ask people how they are, really listen to their reply.

12. Cultivate an honest relationship with your manager because mind reading is not part of their job description. Tell them when you need support, when you need feedback and when you are having problems.

13. Put the maximum effort into whatever job you are in irrespective of whether it is temporary or not. Whatever you give is what you will get back.

14. Steer clear of office gossip or politics. Be the positive team member that everyone wants to be around.

15. Only make commitments that you can keep. Put in place systems that will allow you to assess your ability to complete a requested commitment.

If none of the above is making you happy at work, then it could be time to reevaluate your employer, your job or your entire career. Take full hold of those reigns and create the world you want to live in.

Take Control. Be Happy.

Helen Mitas x

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