On Top Of The Career Ladder – Now What?

This original article by Helen Mitas was published in Women with Drive
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We all start off starry eyes and excited about our professional career. We are full of ambition and drive. We are ‘on our way’ to ‘making it’ in life. With our focus firmly fixed on shattering the glass ceiling, we strive to find a better job, get more money and climb up the corporate ladder.Women have made enormous steps in the corporate world. We can congratulate ourselves for that.  Yet we are still told that we need to do more and do it better while still managing the home front and every relationship in our lives – including the ones in the company tea room.With our high heels firmly strapped to our feet, we stride through the boardroom with our latest brilliant contribution to the company’s progress. We can articulate our message strongly with or without the approval of our male peers. We achieve awards, break down barriers and achieve results our mothers could not have dreamed of.After working hard, we eventually get to where we wanted to go…. yet, when we get there how many of us are we still unhappy? Despite achieving all that we set out to, we sit behind the designer desk in our big glass office with our name on the door and realise just how unfulfilled and dissatisfied we feel.
style=”color: #ff0000;”>So where to from here? 
I had this exact realization just after turning 40. My role as Senior Project Manager sounded great but I was well and truly over everything I had to do to maintain it. I was over struggling through peak hour traffic and juggling office politics. Most of all, I was over feeling that I was still not making a significant contribution to the world. My dreams were evaporating fast and I couldn’t face another 20 years of the same mindless behavior.My inspiration came from the conversations I had with the other women in the company. I realized that my conversations with them inspired them to reach their personal goals. I was delighted to see them make changes in their lives with determination and the kind of joyful energy I was so desperate to find for myself.Their success gave me the courage to finally walk away from the corporate environment and generate a business where I could be the contribution to others that I always wanted to be. I found my life purpose. If you are over being stuck in feeling dissatisfied with your life, discover your true life-purpose and begin living the life you want.
Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to connect with your Life’s purpose:

1. As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

2. What activity are you happiest doing?

3. What types of items fill your house?

4. If money was not an issue, what would you spend your time doing?

5. What makes your heart sing? Really consider the answers to these questions and determine whether there are any patterns or correlations. Don’t worry about the ‘how’ yet! That will sort itself out once you determine the ‘what’!

Take Control. Be Happy.

Helen Mitas x

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