Are you a virgin

I was a virgin until the age of 35 and I have to admit that my Personal Trainer was responsible for my ‘first time’….I will always remember the moment that he asked me…. “What exercise do you do?”

I blushed and replied, “I walk”.

“Why don’t you run?” he asked.

I considered this question for a moment and responded with what seems now to be a silly answer, “because I don’t run!”

The thought of running had NEVER crossed my mind. Me? A runner? How Ridiculous!

“Try it…you’ll like it!”, he said.

“That’s what they all say”, I thought.

He suggested a strategy that I call POLE TO POLE.

It’s simple and goes like this…start walking…pick a light pole and jog to it…continue walking…pick another pole and jog to it…walk to the next pole and run to the next one and so on. It wasn’t too long before I could run further and faster.

At some point, I became a ‘Runner’! I can’t remember exactly when I went from being a ‘running virgin’ to a ‘runner’, but I do remember that I woke up early one cold, rainy, winters morning for a run and hit the snooze button thinking it was way too cold to get out of bed…a moment later I sat bolt upright in bed and proclaimed that “I AM A RUNNER”….I jumped out of bed and ran in the rain.

I was so proud that I now had this belief about who I was…..I had done the attitude backflip!

As time went on I ran competitively, participated in fun runs, and subscribed to running magazines….the whole package. At my peak I ran 38Ks at an excellent pace. If I can start running in my late 30’s you can –too!

Along my journey from being a running virgin to an experienced runner, I did experience pain and injury but I never gave up. The ‘Runners High’ was highly addictive & the feeling couldn’t be replicated with any other activity…sporting activity that is!

If you are a running virgin, make sure you follow these simple rules…


Get started with 8 straight days of walking before you do any jogging or running



High Quality Runners are a MUST. Go to a store that will fit you professionally such as ‘Athletes Foot’. My preference is Brooks or Asics. They are worth every cent!

I would also recommend you invest in some good quality running socks such as ‘Thorlo’. I would have avoided some nasty blisters if I knew this vital clue right at the beginning

# 4: WARM-UP

Warm up BEFORE your run for 5 – 10 minutes with some brisk walking or a gentle jog. Raise your heart rate gradually.


You must STRETCH AFTER your run or injury will be a certainty. Do at least 5 static stretches, holding each stretch for 30 seconds.


See a Massage Therapist. Treat your body like a finely tuned race car. A regular visit will help prevent the onset of injury….don’t wait for an injury to occur. As a loyal Hypnofit subscriber we would like to offer YOU a FREE gift. Call Jon now on 0448 157 836 and find out more!

C’mon Running Virgins. Give it a Go! Surprise Yourself. Get out of that comfort zone this year. Nothing burns calories as fast or makes you feel as good…well nearly everything!!

Leave your virginity and your old beliefs behind you!