Reasons are excuses in disguise

With all the stealth and intrigue of a Mission Impossible sequel I carried out what was a perfectly executed surprise birthday indulgence for my gorgeous husband. I managed to pack for the weekend, whisk him away to a luxury suite in a city Hotel (he says “…kidnapped”), arranged pre dinner cocktails, a sumptuous dinner and a surprise lunch with our closest friends the next day. He was blown away! I was rather proud of myself for pulling off this coup…..what a weekend!!

BUT…..even though this was my husband’s special weekend there was one little thing I wouldn’t AGREE to or NEGOTIATE. MY RUN! He did ask me to give it a miss in preference to spending a lazy Birthday Morning with him. I agreed ….the thought of the King Size bed did have an alluring quality.

My needs were being compromised. I was in the middle of the city, a sweat bands throw away from the ‘Tan’ and our glorious Yarra River. I reminisced about all the wonderful daily runs I had on this track. The energy that this fitness Mecca generated with so many runners, joggers and walkers united with a common goal, consistent resolve and determination was addictive. DAMN IT…this was an opportunity I could not let slip away. I went running and I loved it.

10 years ago, I would never have considered waking early on a weekend of indulgence and going for a run but right now my morning exercise needed to be NOT NEGOTIABLE. If it was negotiable, then there would always be a reason which is just an…


You might be thinking…BUT it was your husband’s Birthday!! YES that is true but it’s MY BODY. My # 1 responsibility is to respect my body and take care of it. I could not miss out on an opportunity to respect myself, an opportunity take some of the energy from this place and the natural ‘high’ that running gives me. My husband understood the importance of my needs and I knew the VALUE I would gain.


How to recognise that your reasons are really just excuses:

  1. Ask yourself – Is that reason REALLY true?
  2. Is it POSSIBLE to achieve your goals even though there is a reason not to?
  3. Ask yourself – HOW can you do it? Your subconscious mind WILL give you the right answer if you ask the right question