#1 resolution mistake you don’t want to make

Most of us will make resolutions and reflect on changes in the New Year that may enhance our lives. Will you quit an addiction, lose weight, focus on your health or change a career? There are so many things that we could change for the better. The reality is that 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail.

As I reflect on the goals that I set for myself for 2012, I can happily report that I could count myself in the 8% of people that succeeded in achieving their resolutions…Hooray for me!!!

I used to work as a Project Manager and my skill set was based on setting and achieving goals. The only difference was that these were goals of faceless corporations and not mine. The skills that I employed in corporate life are transferrable to our own and I will share this gift with you.

So what is the # 1 mistake that people make? It’s simple really…they do NOT plan. Can you imagine implementing a new system at your work or constructing a new building without a project schedule…it ain’t gonna happen!

Most people will make resolutions requiring major change in their lives without any real thought as to HOWthey will achieve these changes. We are more likely to plan a party than our own lives!

I make a high level plan for what I want to achieve in the forthcoming year and break it down to monthly and weekly action points.

I plan everything. I make plans for my fitness; my finances & I even make plans for the relationships I have in my life…everything!

I plan when I will exercise, I plan what exercise I will do and whom I will do it with (this part keeps me accountable).

At a high level, I plan exactly where I want my Business to be in 1 year and then work out how I’m going to get there.

I reassess the relationships in my life and determine which ones I want to invest more time in and which ones I don’t

I then aim to align my choices and decisions throughout the year with my goals that I have set for my physical, emotional & mental fulfilment.

No matter where you are right now…on the beach…at home or even at work – stop whatever you are doing and follow the steps below towards a COMPELLING future.


BRAINSTORM. Get all your goals down on paper; do not hold back; write

them all down. Get them out of your head. Get a notebook and dedicate it to your new life.


GROUP like goals together. For example, my goal weight, time spent at the gym and the number of runs I want to do every week simply come under the high level goal of ‘Physical Strength’.


PRIORITISE all the groups. What’s most important?


BE SPECIFIC. Write specific action plans and accompanying dates & schedule those dates into your diary


TAKE ACTION. Take some action every day to achieve your top 3 goals. That action might be something as simple as a phone call or 10 minutes of research. Some type of action needs to be taken every single day in some way so that you are moving closer to those goals. Write your achievements down in your “New Life” book no matter how small.

Sending you blessings of health, happiness and courage for an amazing abundant 2013 full of wonderful changes and compelling outcomes.