Are you clear about your unique value?

I love reminding my clients how special they are.

I don’t mean in a superficial, “everyone is great and the world is wonderful” kind of way. I mean the people I meet day in and day out in my practice have skills and experiences that make them truly valuable to those around them. Most of them aren’t firefighters or world leaders or working on a cure for cancer. But they make a difference every day to the lives of people around them.

The thing is most of them don’t realise their value.

And so I ask you this question: Have you thought about what makes you valuable to the people in your life?

I went through this process recently with the launch of my new website, One of the challenges in designing a website is being able to communicate your value succinctly and with impact. Only then can you attract and build a connection with the people you like to spend time with and help out.

Take a look and let me know how I did.

When you’re clear on your purpose and what you value, you’ll become clear on how to project yourself into the world, and make a difference. People pick up on that purpose and energy, and you start to attract the right people into your life.

It all starts with being clear.

For me, my purpose is to help people become ‘unstuck’. I help them to stop sabotaging their success and happiness; to shift the way they think to attract the results they deserve in life.

I make that happen through the services I offer:

  1. By speaking to groups and companies about how we unconsciously hold ourselves back, and how we can overcome those limitations
  2. By offering hypnotherapy services to people struggling with obesity, anxiety, depression and low self confidence
  3. By coaching sales teams to challenge their clients to create a win-win deal for everyone
  4. By mentoring hypnotherapists to reach more people and make a bigger impact

So what is your purpose?

Of course you don’t have to be in business to make a contribution. How do you show up as a mother or father, an employee or volunteer, or a mentor? What would you like to set right about the world? And how will you reach those people that need your help and make a difference in their lives?

Are you ready to get out there and make a difference? It’s time you weren’t the world’s best kept secret.

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