Mindset Dominance

Stop Self Sabotage And Break Bad Habits

If you’ve ever looked into your mirror and wondered what happened to that young lean, energetic person you once were, you’re not alone. Years of dedication to your career have made you a success. Mindset Dominance is a 90 day program designed as a blueprint for the busy executive. You can feel fit and energised in just 3 months with this health and fitness guide.

(Digital 183 pages)

My recent trip to Chicago to present at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference brought an unexpected surprise for me.

While I was in Chicago I had a fabulous time and had the privilege of meeting one of

This morning, I had a personal training session that I was supposed to go to. Guess what? I

Do you tell yourself you’re too old to go to the gym? Let me introduce you to Frank. Frank

The Fix with Hopeton Bailey I am very excited to be interviewed by Hopeton Bailey, the author of

There’s always that little voice in our head telling us the reasons as to why we can’t do

It’s freezing outside in Melbourne today, and  I’ve just finished my session with my personal trainer. It’s important

I’ve just received the new copy of my book, Mindset Dominance, which is all about how to take

I am so excited about my Dream Team of Hypnotherapists who work with me at Hypnofit and I