How did Maree do it?

Maree Pearce

I love it when my clients share their success with me. I was thrilled to receive this story from Maree Pearce. With hypnotherapy, encouragement and training, she stopped self-sabotaging behavior that was making her life miserable.

Congratulations Maree! You rock girl!
Here is her story.

Meeting Helen at Hypnofit really changed my life.


“Before I met Helen, I weighed 102kg. I felt terrible. I couldn’t exercise effectively and this led to an aggravated hip and back. I was tired of being in pain and feeling bad about myself.

Through my sessions with Helen, I realized that I had developed habits that were holding me back from enjoying life, especially my love for Rock’n’Roll dancing! With Helen’s Hypnosis sessions, I effectively changed these habits

  • I no longer overeat or scoff my food down at mealtimes.
  • I serve my food onto a small plate instead of a large dinner plate so the plate looks full and my portions are smaller.
  • Once I put food in my mouth, I put my fork down and really chew my food to digest it before I think about the next forkful.
  • If I have leftovers, they become tomorrow’s lunch, so there is no waste and I’m not tempted to eat them.

Hypnotherapy helped me to enjoy my food and to feel full and satisfied with my meals.”

Maree Pearce2    Maree Pearce4

Jan 2016 84kg                          Dec 2016 74kg

“The weight took a long time to drop off, but it did in the end. I have gone from size 18-20 down to size 14. My weight has been stable at 74kg for over 3 months now!

Overall, I lost 28kgs but that is only part of the benefits. I now feel fit and fabulous! I enjoy exercising and either cycle or walk a minimum of 5km per day. I explore recipes and find alternate sources of protein-high meals that all the family can enjoy. I love being able to buy clothes from any retailer and feel 110% better when riding my motorbike.”

Maree Pearce3
Maree Pearce.
What would you like to change in your life? At Hypnofit, we would love to help you reach your goals.Helen Mitas


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