Are you making choices out of love or fear?

I had the privilege of spending the entire weekend replenishing my soul & attending Wayne Dyer’s 2 day event “I am Light’ last weekend . I would like to share the main theme with you.

And this is it…

Every single choice we make can either be out of LOVE or FEAR.

Are you working at your job out of love for it or out of fear of not paying the bills?

If you worked from a place of love – you would only be working in the area that you are passionate about, not the one that you ‘think’ will pay the bills.

According to Wayne, “When you listen to that voice – that voice is capable of creating miracles”.

Every single choice we make needs to be from a place of love. Even, when it comes to abiding to the road rules. Are you keeping to the speed limit out of concern for the safety of yourself & others on the road or out of fear of getting a speeding fine?

I was surprised to discover that I do drive out of FEAR of getting a ticket!

Every single decision you make absolutely MUST be out of LOVE.

If you had NO FEAR what you do instead?

Wayne Dyer spoke of an invisible guidance that just shows up when our CALLING or desire to do something is strong enough
We must live our life according to our calling and not choose another path out of fear. As Napoleon Hill said,

“The only difference between highly functioning successful people & ordinary people is burning desire”

Your job is to listen to your burning desire and act on it with determination and fearlessness!


1. Every time you make a choice about anything ask yourself…

“….am I making this decision out of fear or love for myself?”

If the choice is made from a position of FEAR then make another choice!

2. If you are unsure of your passion or ‘calling’ then contact me I will give you a questionnaire that will uncover what makes your heart sing!!

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